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Devoid 2



 Genre: Hard Rock
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Version 2 of Devoid. This is a longer version, the original didn't go anywhere. This version is chocked full of Riffs.
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Uploaded: Feb 04, 2005 - 02:11:05 PM
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PowerMac G4 1Ghz
Garageband 2.0
said 5125 days ago (February 7th, 2005)
Ripsaw intensity
Things I like and am not sure about...

The piece seems to span heavy metal, acid rock, trance/
dance and lo-fi genres. Seems like one long prelude to an
epic song with searing, wailing vocals. We need a story
line, not just magnified shredded sonic wallpaper. Since I
know you can sing, obbster, my expectation to hear you in
this piece was unfulfilled. Are you thinking about adding
lyrics? Maybe I'm just too into lyrics. I should just
appreciate this for what it is.

Ripsaw electric guitar hacks, with drums in perfect
cadence, are awesome at first then get repetitive and
predictable. Soon you introduce varying progressions,
different guitar voicings, and drum kit variations..welcome
relief! Wahwah effects and bending notes are cool -- they
help break the sameness of much of the composition.

I like the ending which is a mirror image of the intro.

Since you have GarageBand 2, you should play more with
the nifty panning control. That would make this piece a
little more dynamic. You are getting a very nice frequency
obbster said 5125 days ago (February 7th, 2005)
I may add vocals at a later date, not sure yet.

I was trying for a complex instrumental in the style of Metallica's early instrumentals - like Call Of Ktulu - but with electronic tinges.

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said 5125 days ago (February 7th, 2005)
See, that's my problem. I am not into Metallica. I should not have commented.
Anyway, I hear the potential for this song and love the twinges.

Syncopatient said 5125 days ago (February 7th, 2005)
Cool Texture
I like that bass "twinge"...the sound and supporting
foundation are great. The first part (bridge?)....where it's
primarily guitar...needs some support underneath it. A
melody is begging to come out and play using the guitar,
drums, bass as solid ground to rock to. Hope this makes
sense....just my take. I really like the overall mix and
sound of this track...not a serious metallica guy but
appreciate good hard rock....grew up with Black Sabbath
(in the original form).

Vocals (which would accomplish the melody line) is
necessary to complete this good sound. I'd listen to this
track to work out....may even lift heavier as a result!

Keep rockin!
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Autumnal said 5123 days ago (February 8th, 2005)
Ah hah...
I thought you were aiming for a more modern Metallica
sound with this due to the mixture of heavy killer riffs and
more melodic major-key Black Sabbath type riffs. I will
agree that this is a bit too diverse (at least for me, but I
am a metal purist) and a bit too long. It does go places;
you have achieved that. I can hear the time you've put in
developing it. There are a ton of riffs in here and I think
that the number will suit your purposes, but you might
want to reign it in a notch. (Yeah I know we reviewers
sound finicky saying "expand" and then "contract" but
there's a happy middle ground in longer songs without
being too long.)
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the_brothers_4 said 4855 days ago (November 4th, 2005)
fantastic intro
this song has probably one of the best intros to a metal tune ive heard in forever. I agree with the coment on the original version about it sounding similar to Drain STH...god i miss that band...but ya man, youve got alot of talent, and i want to know something, is your distortion pedal created or originally mixed by you?
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the_brothers_4 said 4855 days ago (November 4th, 2005)
fantastic intro
the grammar on my question sucks. What i meant was, do you use a pedal for your distortion, or did you make the effect originally on the computer?
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