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Girls & Cloves (w/Bud)



 Genre: Electropop

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this song started out as a scrap of sound that was built around a drum track, a couple of synth noises and a bass. Kevin put a few tracks in the shared dropbox and I used the shaker that he did, the synth at the very end and an accordion track. Kevin also did a version of the tune and I'm sure we'll be hearing it soon. the song is reminiscent of something I would have written a long time ago and is influenced by some of the old synth acts. i feel like i'm getting better with the engineering of the music end of things, but still having some problems with EQing vocals. there is a certain wooliness to this that I hear, and I tried to isolate all of the frequencies so I could hear any ugliness, but was having problems pinpointing this. oh well, next time.

drums: a really kind of crappy sounding sample of a drumset I found online (i like it that way). has a bitcrusher on it and a little of logics stereo delay on a send. I also have the same midi pattern on another track with a CR68 drum machine that comes in and out. i liked the idea of the drums just playing the same thing all the way through the song like an old lo-fi synth band might have done it. i also have a bit at the end that is a recording of some plastic buckets being pounded on and then I EQed it harshly and added delay

bass: Logics ES2 synth

ambient sounds: I did everything with Logics ES2 synth. you can get a lot of different sounds from that synth. i probably use it more than any other synth I have.

Kevin's accordion sound was run through Zebrafy (a really neat filtering plug that i'm into right now) during the violin solo. Zebrafy has a neat pad that you can automate and make some wild sounds. on the choruses I just sidechained the accordion to the drum beat and added some delay and EQ.

the reversed sounds are done with Logics Sculpture synth and so is the clanking thing at the very end of the song
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logic 9 and it's assorted plugins, zebrafy
sammydix said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
another fan of lo-fi here, so the drums fit perfectly to me. the melody's as sticky as ever and the mix is clear. sounds like some crazy, creative stuff going on in that folder.

gotta google zebrafy also.
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magnatone said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
Girls and Cloves
it's not only because i think you are both stellar, stand up guys that i love this song. it is mainly because .... this is one frickin' fabulous effort - very interesting backstory on the making of it michael - you guys have terrific synergy - twins separated at birth??
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bud said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
alert - I had very little to do
with how cool this track turned out. Michael is generous in crediting my contributions. He has the ability to just about anything with anything - like turning an accordion into a violin (of sorts). Great track Michael - I'm not quite hearing the wooliness you refer to in the vocals - but I'm a lo fi guy with less than critical hearing I think. I like the straight thru drum track.
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SuperStarSmith said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
love it
bit of an lcd soundsystem vibe. very nicely done
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Doadars Uncle said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
Nicely laid back. Yet kinetic!
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michaeljayklein said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
I liked this very much! Everything has this rhythmic swirl kind of feeling to it, like a kaleidoscope in some uncanny way, from the vocal to the little flourishes this is charged with. Nice job guys--thanks for the good music here today.
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Relic67 said 2943 days ago (August 25th, 2011)
really like the drumbeat and all the sonic textures.
the laid back vocal tune on top is the icing on the proverbial cake.
enjoyed it!!
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aRcTip said 2943 days ago (August 26th, 2011)
Girls & Cloves
Hehe accordion, never could have guessed! Great drums and fantastic sounds. I need to look into the ES2 synth more.
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ShadowofNine said 2942 days ago (August 26th, 2011)
Girls & Cloves
Good song, fine performances...enjoyed
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particledots said 2942 days ago (August 26th, 2011)
got a chance to listen from the hotel room in san diego
great back story michael
love that violin/according morph....i might try to make a complete track out of just that sound
not quite sure what the wooliness is what you are hearing (altho i am listening on cheap but fairly decent fonts)

the repetition idea works well i think
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egobandit said 2942 days ago (August 26th, 2011)
You guys are becoming
The new fripp and eno, I got lost to this, great track!
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Vic Holman said 2942 days ago (August 26th, 2011)
Girls & Cloves
superb track. the arrangement and composition of synths is outstanding
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Elevator_Funk said 2942 days ago (August 27th, 2011)
Another download for the M2 files, and a good one too.
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J_Gretch said 2942 days ago (August 27th, 2011)
Girls & Cloves (w/Bud)
I enjoyed reading the description.It's fun to learn about the method to your madness.I would never have guessed plastic buckets...

Cool song too,by the way.Enjoyed the listen.
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papag said 2941 days ago (August 28th, 2011)
just too much
of everything just right! Makes me envious...you really got the mix right on this. I love it. Reminded me a bit of Beck

thanks for the download :)
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gadzooks said 2941 days ago (August 28th, 2011)
Girls & Cloves
This must be my morning for synth music. This is so different then the others. It's poppy and catchy. I really like the vocals ... voice is warm and very clear in the mix. Great playing and use of sounds. My head was boppin' to this catchy tune.
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Mosaica said 2940 days ago (August 28th, 2011)
Ooh, loving the rhythmic beat to this, and the relaxed vocal provides a nice contrast to that. The ambient sounds give it some depth.
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ted23 said 2939 days ago (August 29th, 2011)
Bloomin excellent
Very very cool. Has, a minimal vibe which must have been much harder to achieve than it appears.
Cool as ice man. DL!!
strangedream said 2938 days ago (August 30th, 2011)
I like it.
It's different, and not what I expected to hear when I pressed play. Nice title.
Soundhound said 2937 days ago (August 31st, 2011)
Cooking track...
Got a real nice bounce to it, dry but super clean mix top shelf.....
Vocal needs some sweetness added to it, a chorus or the like just
a breath of it would give you that clarity your looking for......
It's also mic setting and placement, can't alway fix things in the Mix.....

still a Very well done......
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Char said 2937 days ago (August 31st, 2011)
This is
A-OK for me. I am entranced by the sounds and the almost lounge singer smoothness to the vocals. I felt relaxed and aware of what a wonderfully inventive composition this was. But, dang, I'll have to pay closer attention in order to know what you were singing about. I kind of drifted off. Love it, Michael and bud. Thanks.
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Kicbal said 2937 days ago (September 1st, 2011)
Cool Cool
I love this understated approach to electronic music. Something that escapes my efforts. I think your singing and voice character combine perfectly with the music. The eq and mix of the vox sounds good to me, perhaps a bit quiet in the mix. Downloaded.
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awigze said 2936 days ago (September 1st, 2011)
zebrafly is cool. So is Michael and the Bud.
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Doug Somers said 2934 days ago (September 3rd, 2011)
Sweet Collab
An easy laid back sense to the bear and tune in this one. The synths and all their clever entries really help the vocals shine. You always seem to kind cool stuff to mess with sound in lots of creative ways.

Thanks too for the explanation of how you put it together. It really helps with the old edumacation.

Like it!

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spitlogic said 2933 days ago (September 5th, 2011)
sweet song
Nice jam.
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