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Zazen #8



 Genre: Ambient
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This is the fourth in a series that currently stands at thirty tracks. It is a minimalist Ambient drone-type piece that doesn't do much as it is intended to be used in 'Sitting' or Zazen as our Far Eastern friends call the process.

The track is made around three accoustic-sounding presets from the soft synth called Tarkus.
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Uploaded: Sep 19, 2011 - 02:15:39 PM
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HP Pavilion Elite HPE computer
Energy XT2, Reaper, Goldwave, Tarkus soft synth and a few effects
aRcTip said 2857 days ago (September 20th, 2011)
Zazen #8
This is pleasant. Snow-cowered mountain tops come to my mind (monk's natural habitat?). This could actually fit nicely in a Natural Geographic feature. The chord changes are more frequent here making it more melodius (for example the great ones between 4:48 - 5:00), something I like.

I've played this a couple of times at work now, helped me stay focused during a hectic time.

Well done!
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Reinholt56 said 2857 days ago (September 20th, 2011)
Hi aRcTip....
It's strange. The melody is not intentional. I can't listen to melodic music whilst meditating. I'm trying to forget everything and can't because the melody is asking me to hear it. It drives me mad!! I prefer one chord or a couple of chords plus one type of drum or even just one drone soundscape, to numb my mind into submission.

The Zazen series, 30 and counting, just came as an idea and I followed it wherever it went. I haven't added to the series since February so I may revisit these tracks over the Christmas break. I carry a few on a usb stick with me and play them at work when I get in first thing in the morning, when no one else is around.

It's good that you stayed in focus. The longer mixes are twenty or so minutes but that may be too much for anyone. This is the short mix. The others are anywhere between these two lengths.

Take care.

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ShadowofNine said 2857 days ago (September 20th, 2011)
Zazen #8
Attractive meditative track, a journey in audio texture...I find that synth interesting..can you PM me where you got it ?


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Reinholt56 said 2857 days ago (September 20th, 2011)
Hi Dave....
I've PM'd you the details. The synth designer does some great PAD's. The P8 synth is free to download.

Take care.

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PatriciaGirl said 2856 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
I can only describe the imagery your music does for me. That's the only compliment I can give you. I hope you don't (mind) pun intended:)

MindS EyE: fish eye lens perspective of the jungle tree tops racing from the air. Each chord change flashes to another part of the region, although different in foliage and color patterns. Each blending into one another to create a new pattern. Very organic.

I'm guessing that my movie influences come into play. Like Baraka or Chronos mainly.

Thanks for sharing this meditative and serene piece.
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Reinholt56 said 2856 days ago (September 21st, 2011)
Hi Patty.....
Baraka or Chronos. Great ideas put to video tape. I know where you're coming from with your ideas. Maybe the number of times that I've watched Avatar has something to do with the ideas behind this and the others in this 'Zazen' series. The natives always seem to have a more simple mind set than those new arrivals to the land. The inhabitants have their world view already established, and it is good. The newcomers paint their's upon the new land and peoples and the consequences are usually bad for the indiginous peoples.

Glad you found this piece meditative. It's not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak.

Take care.

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Doug Somers said 2852 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
just hearing
The low drones remind me a bit of throat singing and the brassy attacks are a little like horns but they quickly devolve into a ringing quality as though a large bell had been struck. I get a dark environment punctuated by dimly lit features where candles are the source of light. Not my typical environment for zazen, but there you are. I would actually have a tough time sitting whilst hearing this piece since I would guess that it would consume a fair bit of my attention throughout - not a bad thing in itself, as I very much like what you have composed, but I fear that open attention would be compromised as I was drawn further and further into your sounds.

Another transportive and immersive post Paul!

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Reinholt56 said 2827 days ago (October 20th, 2011)
Hi Doug....
I know what you mean. The most recent mixes that I've put together have all been bass-enhanced, so even the suprano sounds like a tenor, or so to speak.

Your description of Zazen is somewhat familiar but I was taught to encounter whatever happened and then put it to rest. Or rise above the chitta-chatter, so to speak once again. After all the eyes must be open for Zazen, but not focused.

I find that I can read very well with these Zazen pieces playing through headphones. It blends nicely into the background. Must try a sitting session instead of a walking meditation, another Buddhist quieting method.

Take care.

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