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Dream of Stars (incomplete) (mj space race 2011)

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Sadly incomplete. Life has gotten away from me for the moment and I wasn't able to finish yet so this is the first three minutes or so.

For this i was seeing the whole journey of mankind dreaming about the night sky and the stars and what they are and what they could mean. It starts out with the listener sitting on a hillside in the waning hours of the night. It's 1400 and as you watch the stars shimmer in the cold early morning sky the night sounds surround you and in the distance...

For those wondering, that is the wonderful song of the Nightingale singing. One of my favorite sounds in the pre-dawn night.
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The usual
Logic, Omnisphere, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, My own Samples
Moviz said 2865 days ago (November 11th, 2011)
Atmospheric and capturing the atmospherics of the night time and early dawn, with a feeling of 'the wonder of it all'... enjoyed M
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Bubowski said 2865 days ago (November 11th, 2011)
It starts off feeling very "minor-ish" but will eventually expand into this positive "major" expanded view of teh universe in all it's immenseness.
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michael2 said 2865 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
that organ is beautiful with the bells. i picture Galileo dreaming something up and doing some heavy thinking. very impressive orchestration (I am so lazy and sloppy with that stuff), sounds really nice when the violins come in. great job (finished or not).
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davajonah said 2865 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
just blown away sometimes by the talent in this place. What a gorgeous piece of music. I love those bell sounds in there [sucker for bell sounds, me!] Somehow, this sounds not so much "spacey", but more of a fantasy epic soundtrack. It has a real Celtic feel about it.

If I were to nitpick, them maybe some reverb/echo on the nightingale sample would be nice, near to the start, or drop it back in the mix a little. It blends nicely once the synth voices come in. But it is only a minor nitpick.

This is a really nice composition, a great mix, and you should certainly finish it at some point.
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magnatone said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Dream of Stars
Graham, this is so cool! the organ - ooh! please feel free to post incomplete things any time. the nightingale is gorgeous!
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Henke said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Got to agree
with Dave that the intro sounds like great fantasy music, but your big idea for the whole piece sounds really promising and I'm very curious about the expanded full blown version. Looking forward to it.

Still, glad you managed to post this in time for the challenge.

What a great place this is!!

Thanks and take care,
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Henke said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Another listen and I hear a lot of Vangelis in this (mid section). Probably the El Greco album, set a few centuries ago. Sounds great. Thanks again. /H
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Char said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
idea. Looking up must always have been fascinating and awe-inspiring. Beautiful. Thank you.
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thetiler said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Enjoyed that
church or oriental sound off the bat. Nice monk chanting feel with the synth. Feel like an early morning chant in medieval thank. Like how it breaks into a more serious pathway with the extended violin synth - female chorus with a mix boys choir. Then it even developes to a cool orchestration.

Thanks for sharing and taking the time to give us Macjammers a fun and interesting listen.
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Parichayaka said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Quite stunning!
Majestic and vast. What a beautiful addition to an already remarkable MJ challenge. I am glad you say it's incomplete, which means you may add to it, but I wouldn't have thought of it as unfinished at all. The build is poised and gradual, keeping a light and weightless feel throughout despite the intensity. Really well done!
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richard13 said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Quite majestic in feeling capturing that spellbinding scene of the heavens above in all its scintillating glory. Fine work.
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ic42 said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
rooted in earth, drawn to the sky
we humans. Nice and powerful, grand choices of instruments and sounds. I too would move the nightingale back in the mix a teensy bit. Otherwise, this is über-powerful in its inertial direction, I look forward to this unfolding!
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Sigmund said 2864 days ago (November 12th, 2011)
Dream of Stars
This is really well done - I'm impressed! The choir leading into the orchestration from about 2 min on is particularly excellent, I really enjoyed this most excellent work!
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Jarvoid said 2864 days ago (November 13th, 2011)
Pleasant listening...
and I never heard a nightingale before....cool soundtrack look forward to a fuller and complete version..

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TracyVosh said 2863 days ago (November 13th, 2011)
Incomplete and beautiful
What better vocals than a Nightingale?? You say this is incomplete but this is just the beginning...a most beautiful opening chapter of what hopefully is yet to come.
aRcTip said 2863 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
Dream of Stars
Beautiful, much enjoyed!
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sonnyjim said 2862 days ago (November 14th, 2011)
That is a beautiful track!

Thanks very much for posting this!

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PatriciaGirl said 2860 days ago (November 17th, 2011)
Nice one!
great sound scape to imagine with :)
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Doug Somers said 2850 days ago (November 26th, 2011)
Love where this is going. The monk-like chanting in the early dawn hours as the stars wheel slowly away from the dawn sky. Vast depth, inky blackness, points of light, all surrounding the life around us. The use of birdsong is brilliant to 'ground' the listener. It reminds me of many summer observing sessions out with telescopes until dawn.

The choral development keeps getting this bigger and bigger, offset with the bass drums and triangles appearing here and there. By the time the strings arrive I am completely sucked in. The parallel movement in the strings at 3:25 lends a very old feeling to the music, again mirroring the chanting at the start.

Brilliant, dloaded, and listened to twice.

Many thanks,

PS - sorry to be late to the party but I was spending the little time I had on vacation, when not with my wife, composing for the challenge and so am only now getting caught up.
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Corporal Beef said 2807 days ago (January 8th, 2012)
Dream of Stars
This sounds a lot like what I see late at night looking up to the stars, except I have frogs instead of Nightingale. What I really appreciate about this piece is how melodic it is. It's not just some spacey pads running through a filter. This is definitely cinematic. I hear a longing for knowing the unknown and for traveling where we can't travel. We are so small when we look up at the sky.

This was very good. Thanks for posting and thank for your help on my Logic/Ozone problem.
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Philip18 said 2775 days ago (February 9th, 2012)
Dream of Stars
Very atmospheric. The birds contrast well with the deep synth and the bells and choir add grandeur. Rich with possibilities for what could come next. Much enjoyed!
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