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Nothing Left But Pipe and Wit



 Genre: Ambient
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Imagine you're the only one left alive when the reefer sleep caskets are automatically opened as your ship enters the planetary system of your target sun. There's no point in continuing the mission as there is no longer any mission. You arr just about half way from home at this stage but you'll never make it back.

Do you attempt to land, using automated systems? What do you do? Well the first thing is to get out your trusty old pipe, load some of your stashed old navy rough cut, put on a Marx Brothers movie and put your feet up.......The future is left untold.
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PatriciaGirl said 2254 days ago (January 20th, 2012)
I would try to land the hunk of junk and start a new life there on some new planet. There, at least you get some fresh air instead of the old ship smelling like dead people-hehe! Thanks for the imagery =)

Enjoyed it. There are tiny bits of sound that buzz in my headphones at the end of some of your textured tones. I liked it.

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Reinholt56 said 2253 days ago (January 21st, 2012)
Hi Patty......
The places in the mix where an anomalous sound appears are there to indicate problems with the ships systems. I'll have a listen to this mix again and see if I can hear what you mean. The processor was flagging at certain parts in the recording, hence the crapped-out sounds. I thought that they added to the overall sound, but maybe not.

My other thought was that after a couple of hundred years of suspended animation, no other human to talk to, no way of contacting earth in real time, the pipe and the giggles (wit) came about through accepting the situation and if some sentient beings were in this new system, they maybe have been developed enough to come rescue the survivor but if not, Marx Brothers slapstick and navy rough cut would suffice.......or maybe Obama's cover album of Al Green tracks.

Take care.

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Ex_Silentio said 2253 days ago (January 21st, 2012)
So, this seems to be a recurring theme. It borders on my nightmares, but smoking and watching the Marx Bros would tend to alleviate the concern, not to mention knock out any residual wit that might have been in my head. Deep music. Excellent.
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Reinholt56 said 2252 days ago (January 22nd, 2012)
Hi Duane......
I always think of the Air on a G String and the Hamlet cigar ad when I imagine being resigned to something good or bad. I've never smoked myself so it's all guess work.

The title comes from something Aleister Crowley once wrote about whilst he was in New York in a particularly cold winter, writing Liber Aleph. Samadhi also enters into it somewhere hence the philosophical abandon of our traveller to a brave new world.

Take care.

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Name: Paul J Slinn
Location: Sheffield UK
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I'm currently busy with getting my life back on some sort of track and hope to get into the music making business again in the near future, with a planned third net album 'Karma of Love' that will be an Immersive Ambient set of tracks. This should be... [see more]

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Ambient music is a loosely defined musical genre that incorporates elements of a number of different styles - including jazz, electronic music, new age, rock and roll, modern classical music, reggae, traditional, world and even noise.

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