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Gotta Dream Gotta Chase It



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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midwest state of misery, Show me sleepin with the enemy. Yeah j-dookie this is me. autograph put the pen in ink. I'm everything plus a kitchen sink I smoke good weed it's green it stinks. Catch me floatin like a stingin bee. I hope god plans on forgivin me.
I'm rollin up a fat ass blunt, gotta get real high just to give a fuck. Gotta good life I'm a live it up. My wife and my baby are so gangsta tough.
I keep it real tell me can you feel, the fear in my voice does it not appeal, to an endless audience, will the scars not heal, I'm a fuckin hellion it's gettin hot in here.
Drinkin bong water cause I imitate art, Haters just hate cause how different we are, a difference of opinions can tear a couple apart. Seems the shit was finished before it could start.

HOOK : THis is my adress to a pissed off nation, We know we're in need of resuscitation, Runnin towards the light cause we cant beat satan. OUr father our lord we need salvation. this is our chance so why dont we take it, we're scared as fuck what if we dont make it. I can take the pain but I cant sit patient. I'm ready for a fight gotta dream gotta chase it.

Full force love got respect for the fam, We livin it up like we dont give a damn, take my advice the truth is a scam. Abide by the rules and stick to the plan. I'm water to a flame and a flame in the arctic, my swagger and flow make me an easy target. THIS IS NOT A DRILL and I am not a drill sergeant. I'm my own soldier and I'm a keep on marchin. Spring is in the air but i keep on fallin, tryin to move on but I keep on stallin, Is this the kinda trouble we could be all in? delusions of grandure and dreams of ballin . How come pride is so hard to swallow? Why is it harder to lead than to follow? does anything matter should I hope for tomorrow? is there an end to the pain or cure for the sorrow?
Love back words that is evol, so what does that say for such loving people? I'm a scratched record your a player with no needle. But if we stick together we can still defeat em.
we still got each other do you think it's time to clean up, this aint the kinda place where you can really bring up, a daughter like ours Nothin is ever good EEEnough at least we got a plan dont let nothin break the team up.
It's fuck what you say cause I make my own rules. Jack of all trades gotta box full of tools. Skate til the grave BOmb droppin on you fools. Get a pen and paper cause I'm takin you to school.
It's fuck the police cause I like to smoke bud, I dont do it for the money I do it for the love, gotta let my light shine down from above. My swagga gets me high like I took a bunch of drugs.
F-bomb baby we welcome you to us. J-dook Kali stix gudda mouf and gus. LG b-coo, Bloody Bru and loopus. You cant contemplate the work that my group does.

ANd what does it all come down to? THe fame , The money? The name. the honeys its none of that you dummys. The music you love it you lost it dont lose it, you choose to abuse it there fore its useless. There fore I refuse wont do it cant prove it my nuesence J-dookie.

The names j-dook and I'm the king on the throne. If you smellin what I'm steppin in throw ya dog a bone. Lame ass haters might as well go home. THe haters gonna hate like a bitch is gonna moan.
I'm aimin for the top I dont know how to stop, I runnin this shit and I'm about to clean shop. Swagger so fresh just like a clean mop. Domino effect as I watch yo team drop.
Pick up where I left off shoulders gettin swept off
eyes wide shut cause I still havent slept dog The rap game and my life dont seem to connect though. FUck it I'm a slug another one gets checked off.
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Garageband, Abelton Live
smokey bacon jnr said 2609 days ago (April 2nd, 2012)
touch of the daisy age
in this one - trippy beat and laid back lyrics. I'm glad you put the words up. Do you write them first? or do you fit the rap around the beat? Cool.
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J-Dookie said 2606 days ago (April 5th, 2012)
Glad you liked it Mr.Bacon jr. for this one I made the beat on my MPK using Live, then wrote the lyrics down like two weeks later. I do a lot of freestyles too though. If you would like to see some type J-Dookie into a youtube search. there are a whole lot of freestyles.
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Name: Joshua (Jo Pokie, J-Dookie) Marino
Location: SALEM Missouri United States
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I am J-Dookie. I make music. My music comes from the heart, and speaks on the topics of life. I don't do this for monetary gain. I don't do this so you will know my name. I do this because music has gotten me through hard times and I think I can help... [see more]

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