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One Life To Live (Rough COpy)



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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It's a song about love, and heartache, and murder, and love, and deceit, and love, and lies, and love, and pain.
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(HOOK) She said she only had one life to live, but only half of her heart was his, the other half belonged to somebody else, so apart his whole world fell, he said he only had one life to live, but only half of his heart was hers, now they both thinkin bout what they did, askin how could this get much worse?

They sat down had a talk for a while, they both wanna cry but they still crack smiles. Both wanna scream and they both wanna throw shit, both go crazy wanna kill each other oh shit. She found the sex tapes with her sister on 'em no shit, he caught her fuckin his best friend he felt so sick. Makes him wanna trow up every time he thinks about it, though she called her sister out they still dont speak about it. it tears 'em both up to know what they both did, it's all on the table should they try to save it? It's not about them what about the baby? Life aint always biscuits and gravy. My baby.
they b0th lay awake at night prayin for an end they see they lost both a good lover and a friend now everyword that comes out could start an argument addicted to the drama so they both start arguin the car starts and then it's where the fuck you think you are goin she said she thinks she needs a break he tells her its a big mistake he wants her to come back but she just wants to run away, now he's tryin to fill the void and take away the pain all while she's alone at night and cries herself to sleep wishin on a shooting star for some thin she can keep, somethin to believe in or somethin to hold on to she dont know where to go and she dont know where he's gone to, she thinks back to all the good times they gone through. wipes a tear from her eye and said those are all gone too.

she got caught up on the phone with another man, he snatched up the phone and started askin bout this other man. he grabbed up his pistol right then she ran for cover man, he was losin his temper yellin where's this mother fucker at. shots rang out but they for got about the baby did one of those hit him who knows just maybe, they forgot about the fight and ran over to the child when she saw what had happen she begain to go wild she grabbed by the neck and tried to choke him out he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. he snatched up his pistol and shot her in the head. turned it on himself all three were found dead.
How could it get much worse?(repeat)
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Carrie71 said 2745 days ago (April 9th, 2012)
one life to live...
I admire your ability to create this genre of music. I really enjoyed the rough mix. Can't wait to hear the finished mix.
J-Dookie said 2744 days ago (April 10th, 2012)
I do truly appreciate your kind words. I cant wait to finish this thing. I cant figure out what else it needs. other than a polished percussion track.
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egobandit said 2744 days ago (April 10th, 2012)
one life to live
nice like the simplistic drums good rhythm like how you start to sing it towards the end very refreshing !
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J-Dookie said 2743 days ago (April 11th, 2012)
THank you very much! I'm very happy you dig it. is there anything else this song needs? I need to know.
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abzwork said 2732 days ago (April 22nd, 2012)
One Life...
Flex time...yeah you are makin' it happen here..blazz-zay spittin' rides high in the saddle, panning in the drum track is textbook framing for your paintbrush which is exceptional here...goin' in friend, Big Smile City 4sure...:):):)peace
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J-Dookie said 2729 days ago (April 25th, 2012)
Thank you thank you.
Glad you liked it, I put a lot of love into this one, I was wondering if you would like to make a second beat to this one. I really like the way you produce and It would be an honor and blessing if you would do that for me.
Check out my latest song called Hater (Prod. by Str8 Sic Beats)
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