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Keep on Livin' (Prod.By J3H BEATS)



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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This is life?
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Respect is earned, there aint nothin that's for free that's a lesson learned. leave nothin left unturned on ya journey to the top hold ya breath and squirm.
cause it's gonna choke you up hold up cause smith and wessons burn. ya skin and ya insides hop in then ride stay ahead of the curve. aint it a bumpy ass road. tryna be the king of this old castle? we movin hella fast though. how fast so fast. we just passed you. in the blink of an eye. i rarely every try, when i do i suprise myself. and everyone else. so shut the fuck up and stick around for the ride.
shit i'm smooth as a coupe deville. cadillac dook deville. drugs cure what cancer kills. live for life love and happiness. put on a snap back and sit. down and drink a schlaffly bitch.
cause it's lights camera action get building packed. then admire my pageantry. there will be nothin after me. so after I'm gone all the tears and the laughter cease.

thank god for what givin
nothins been promised
dont you ever forget it.

All the shit that I been in
only made me stronger
and kept me from quittin.

so I face my demons.
head on head strong.
stay on my defensive.

I will never give in
I got one choice
and that's keep on livin.

And the trust is lost. Can you tell me on your way just how much it cost? does it pay to floss, or will they hate me till the grave for my angry songs.
I need to free my mind
and maybe make a plan to release my rhymes
cause it's me up to bat. Positive thinking will put me on the map.
The show me state will hold the rank of holdin dookie smokin dank and rollin in an army tank. then armogeden fuels unleaded bullets rainin down from heaven better run for cover for they cover you in feathers tar and tarter sauce from bosses dressin down in sweaters clever people in the streets are screamin we deserve it better. betters the objective we've been reaching for but cannot reach its level.
level headed so we substitute ect...
recollectin back to those days
i remember we had it made.
now we makin it.
we gettin paid.
for doin what we love
they lovin what we say.
it's a fuck you in the face
to anyone who hates.
Remember us by name.
My future fame wont change me I swear I'll remain the same me.
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smokey bacon jnr said 2327 days ago (January 7th, 2013)
You drop some surprising words in there like "pageantry". I admire your drive. hope you make it! Love the rap, obviously.
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J-Dookie said 2324 days ago (January 11th, 2013)
Always nice to hear from you!
Thanks bro, this is my favorite song I've ever made. I just feel like it speaks what my soul feels.
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spitlogic said 2315 days ago (January 19th, 2013)
Thats whats up
I really like that flow. Nice way to ride the beat. Pretty good lyrics too. Some people have a hard time putting the pattern of what they want to say on a beat and not compromising content. You do a good job balancing that.
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J-Dookie said 2314 days ago (January 20th, 2013)
It's crazy to me you are diggin my stuff,because you were the first rapper online that I dug. it's really appreciated and I am honored you even listen to my stuff. thanks.
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egobandit said 2298 days ago (February 5th, 2013)
rap it
you get the groove in this, the words rollin out, seems real natural!
enjoyed this allot!
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J-Dookie said 2288 days ago (February 15th, 2013)
Thanks bro
I really like this one alot.

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Name: Joshua (Jo Pokie, J-Dookie) Marino
Location: SALEM Missouri United States
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I am J-Dookie. I make music. My music comes from the heart, and speaks on the topics of life. I don't do this for monetary gain. I don't do this so you will know my name. I do this because music has gotten me through hard times and I think I can help... [see more]

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