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Won't Let Me Sleep

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Nolan Wynne sent this song to me in mp3 format with him playing guitar and singing. A while back he posted on the forum board for any interested in redoing one of his songs he'd be more than happy to send. I took him up on the offer.

I was hoping to have GB files to work with (that way I could use his guitar playing and wonderful voice). Instead he sent me the lyrics and chord progressions for verses and chorus.

Up to the challenge I went to work and primarily had to create all the instrumentation and record the vocals. It's possible Nolan may not recognize it but sure hope he likes it....as I'm hoping you will too.

A fun song to make and orchestrate. My favorite part of course is the piano..the percussion lights me up too btw :)
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Verse #1
We were here one year ago yesterday
In the same situation but you had longer hair
I could not see a real opportunity
Though someone beside me said it's your lucky day

There's soup i the kitchen I don't want it all
There's heat in the bathroom but the water's still cold
There's a bed in my bedroom but it won't let me sleep
I hope I will see it next time

Verse #2
I saw you again but you didn't look as good
It may have been lighting and it may have been me
I read a book describing my destiny
But it lost my attention only three pages in
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us-122, Clavinova, Shure PG 58, fingers, feet for tapping, brain
Sentinel said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
cat stevens?
Yo cat. Coll!
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chikoppi said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
Don't stop!
This is a really well written song! I love the chord progressions and something in it reminds me of Radiohead. I thought your instrumentation was spot on! The section with the piano solo was really sublime.

What I say next I say with fraternity as someone who is not a good vocalist by nature. I think working on the vocals in this piece will really help it shine. You have a great, character-filled voice and your sensibility with dynamics is just right. The tuning of the vocals just seems to pull against the great song structure. Still and all, its a very well written piece, a great listen, and your obvious care in developing and producing it really pays off!
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Syncopatient said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
Don't stop!
Thank you very much for your insights and comment. I truly respect your
viewpoints. I recognized from the outset that this particular song didn't quite
fit my voice...heh...not after hearing Nolan sing it. In any case, I will continue
to work on refining my vocal ability...some songs seem easier than others I
guess, but am so appreciative that you took the time to encourage and share
your observations. It's great to be a part of this community.

You've been given talent for a reason...touch a soul.
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12m said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
lovely....harmonious yet, aquistic also... dl'd for sure:)
awesome vocals, great beat, very pleasing sound and
artistry, i'd love to give it a shot at redoing it with a little
different flavor
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Peter Greenstone said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
You did a very nice job with the arrangement and your keyboard playing is very nice. I love the piano solo. The music and lyrics are really great, quite moving.
Honestly, though, your singing on this ain't so great but it is honest and effective. I think with a little work you can improve those shakey parts where your pitch goes off.
One major nit: The end just cuts off. Let the sustain and reverb fade off before it ends.
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aclarke said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
What, no whispers?
Great interpretation...turning a pure pop song into
somewhat of a more contemporary tune. Your voice
sounds really good on this... keep singing...confidence
will make up for a lot of the imperfections.

Outstanding piano break- the subtle strings really add
dimension to it. I liked the way you ended but agree with
pgreenstone's suggestion.
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Mystified said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
...work with this song. :)

Seeing (or is that hearing?) it in various stages I can truly
say that the end result is awesome.
Nice to *finally* hear it with the ending, lol. (I agree with
others here..let the reverb there carry it to the very last)

And how you got the vocals to shine is most excellent!
Your voice is your own, and it's great!
The instrumentals and production ...the piano...niiiice.

Thank you... Keep the songs coming!!

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UncleSamwich said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
Good story.
Just droppin a note to let you know I checked this
out. Out of my scope genre wise. Well done
production, and arrangemets.

The vocalist was too out of contrast with the gently,
well played arrangements. That's my only
suggestion. You need to find the right vocal to fit the
pocket. Hope that helps...if you need it. If not you
can slap me later.
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thetiler said 5225 days ago (February 27th, 2005)
The music carries it and the voice adds a nice homy type
texture to it.
Nice keyboard stuff in there.

Kind of like "I left my cake out in the rain" type song
Mcarthurs Park. I didn't spell that right. O well.

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Rebsie said 5224 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
Very nice, and I think it works just as it is ... the
minor imperfections in the vocal are part of the
song's character and it's none the worse for it. The
piano is fantastic! You've done a great job.
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TobinMueller said 5224 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
Great solo section
My favorite part was the great soft rock solo section.
Perfectly played, smoothly arranged, extremely pleasant
and slightly latin feel was wonderful. The lyrics didn't
seem quite matching, tho. After that excellent solo to sing
about not wanting the soup in your kitchen was anti-
climactic for me. But I really liked the words in your
verses, and the concept of the lyrics was tight and good.
They just didn't work with the music as strongly as I
thought it should.
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Syncopatient said 5224 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
Great solo section
Funny you should mention that Tobin...as I was initially thinking the same
thing...as my wife asked me.."so, what's wrong with the soup in the kitchen?".
So often after completing a song and reading comments, digesting with re-
listening then the light comes on. I see your insight using those particular
lyrics after the solo...yes, would change that indeed. Also, I think I would
continue to work on the overall vocal characteristics for a better blend.

Thank your for your kind words and your time you've taken to comment. It
means a great deal to me. I learn new things everyday. I'm also thrilled you
like the piano solo....I love to play and enjoy your playing immensely.

You've been given talent for a reason...touch a soul.
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Jim Bouchard said 5224 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
nice job!
I really like the arrangement and the lightness of the playing. I think the vocal could work if it was taken down a little bit as it seems to be a little overbearing, and maybe a new mix would help. A little more tiredness in the voice might be called for given the subject matter. This is a very well written song, and I think you've done a good job in tackling this.
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SlimGirlFat said 5224 days ago (February 28th, 2005)
I have to say that you have really taken the track and
turned it around beautifully. Wonderful piano solo,
Plus I think your vocals sound really really good.Brilliant
re-arrangement and production.
I agree that the lyrics are somewhat obscure, but
somehow, the way you sing it, just kind of feels right..
oddly enough...

I think Nolan will LOVE this...

said 5223 days ago (March 1st, 2005)
You Got That...
...Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, George Harrison thing
happening here, with a little Toto in the middle. Great
arrangement! I hope Nolan likes what you've done here.
Cool piano solo... like the key change. Keep it up, man!
Almost time to break out the bike!!!
jschultz76 said 5223 days ago (March 1st, 2005)
the vocals totally remind me of david bowie. and someone else mentioned it as well but something about some of the instruments reminds me of radiohead. i think the vocals work perfectly with the instruments. the instruments are so formal and the vocals add a twist and make it more human. its a beautiful twist.
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Nolan said 5223 days ago (March 1st, 2005)
Thanks, Syncopatient
Great job, Synco. I can't tell you what a thrill I get from listening to this. When I think of the ultra-rough guitar/vocal mp3 I sent you, I can't believe what you've done with it. The arrangement is beautiful. Despite myself, I must admit, my favourite part is the part I didn't write: the instrumental is awesome! I am stoked that one of my favourite sections of music on MacJams (your solo) is part of this song. Thanks so much.
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said 5222 days ago (March 2nd, 2005)
Man has issues (but is unable to read them)
I really like the instrumental soundbed. Lush and caring.
The lead voice has an honesty and immediacy that make it
quite compelling. As others have pointed out, there are a
few instances of straining, wavering and flatness. Vocal
"support" (diaphramatic breathing) and voice box
relaxation techniques can remedy this. I hope you are
singing in a standing position. That will help.
drakonis said 5222 days ago (March 2nd, 2005)
Very nice
Great gentle song, and the mildly disturbing lyrics I liked
even more.
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fairy beth said 5222 days ago (March 2nd, 2005)
yeah yeah yeah
lovin the vocals, so sweet. David bowie comes to mind
with a mixture of...well i dont know what!? very unique.
excellent lyrics.
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said 5200 days ago (March 24th, 2005)
Your voice adds a touching sense of vulnerability to this
song that it otherwise would not have had.
Swanny said 5171 days ago (April 21st, 2005)
Do I understand ???
Sounds are sooooo soothing, but the words descibe a lack
of fullfillment. The music speaks total peace and seems
like the balance between a harsh reality and inner
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Magritte said 5168 days ago (April 25th, 2005)
Pretty...sad...pretty sad.
There's a nice disconnect between the somewhat upbeat tune and the somewhat ominous lyrics. The orchestration is beautiful. Nice work!
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breezer said 5140 days ago (May 23rd, 2005)
Nice work
The beginning reminded me of Cat Steven's!
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