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It's All Hers



 Genre: Celtic

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Well this one i wrote a while back ~
I am using my same lyrics but my backing music has shifted somewhat -
thanks for the listening .

Well yah when all boils down this is all kind of comical.

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It's All Hers . . .

(F# Major)

Can't you see it's all hers ~
she wanted everything ~
El Calendario ~
The Mitsubichi ~
No more participation ~
even took the feline too ~
Certainly a brazen raisin she always was ~
never fearing the consequence ~
of any action she ever had.
So it's back to the drawing board ~
to draw some water from the wishing well ~
Back to the drawing board ~
to draw some murky water from the well ~

(Modulate to Eb Major) . . .

Well the sunlight hours and the moonlit towers
make it very very hard to ever bring you any flowers -
I try so hard to make it seem so right -
utilizing all my powers to avoid a big fight -
Today's a blur and the season's even worse -
'Cause we're all hypnotized by a similar curse -
What a pitiful place all glitter and lace -
who started this fire in the very first place.
Might as well walk around and stand in the wind -
Visit all the places where the public has been -
You better not be heavy - you better not be thin -
No matter what you do - you never really - win.

If you only knew just what i've been through -
you'd pack up your belongings and our petticoats too -
there's a lesson to be learned as anyone can see -
So why is it so difficult pretending to be me -
I don't wanna be a memory - a photo on a shelf -
or a picture of a person that you keep to yourself -

(Up to Key of E Major)

Not a better kind of being in a story I say - not
a place to move in a game you play -

Day by day I come your way - to make a play to make you stay -
I wait for you to bring it on home -

Night by night the city lights - the disappointing alibis -
You hide away you bring it on home -

I don't want to be alone - all alone again -
sit and wait by the phone - all alone again -
why do i have to be - all alone again -

Why do i have to be - all alone again - all alone again -
Now why do i have to be - all alone again -
all alone again - all alone again.

(To instrumental in G Major)
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johnwhitehead said 2432 days ago (February 15th, 2013)
Cool track. Love all the melodic turns and variety of phrasing. I like the textures in the backing track, too.
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PeterB7858 said 2432 days ago (February 15th, 2013)
It's All Hers
It is great to hear a song that is somewhat unique in style and feel. The vocal work is very appealing and the instrumentation allows it to breathe. Jaunty and joyous in scope, the plaintive lyrics counterpoint it nicely. Fine post, Scott. Much enjoyed. Thanks, Peter.
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Philip18 said 2431 days ago (February 16th, 2013)
It's all hers
I love the interplay between all the elements in this. Good arrangement, with something interesting happening all the time. Highly skilful playing. I like the vocal - don't think I've heard you sing much before? Beautiful work, Scott.
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MartinD28 said 2431 days ago (February 16th, 2013)
It's All Hers
Really tight and professional sounding. The change of tempo and instrumental 5 minutes into the song is really nice. I like musicals and a I can imagine one being built around this piece! Brad
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paul f. page said 2430 days ago (February 17th, 2013)
Quite Special...
The way you have broken up 4/4 into sets of 2 and then a couple 8th notes at the ends of measures what you do with harmonic changes (transposing DOWN!) are very pleasant...as are the periodic pauses. When you switch tonal centers, your bass line follows with a slightly bumped-up volume and then backs off right away — a very satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed this track, though I do wish you had posted the lyrics because I could not understand them well. Probably my lousy hearing. I did love this, though.
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867-5309 said 2429 days ago (February 18th, 2013)
i will try to post the lyrics - thanks for listening ! really
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bronco said 1933 days ago (June 29th, 2014)
Taking Risks
Musically you take some risks here with a very innovative backing track but you have the talent and make it work. Your sense of melody pulls every thing together and keeps it grounded and real although the tone of the music is certainly playful. Probably to hide the starkness of the lyrics. Been there, done that and you told it well!
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