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The Seasons Change



 Genre: Rock

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I had the skeleton of this song saved as a Garageband project for a long time. I wasn't sure if I liked it so I went on and did a few new songs but I always felt I should go back and try to develop this one. I played the guitar, bass, drums and 2 seconds of piano on this. The guitar solo at the end probably goes on a little too long - do guitarists even use the "hammer on" technique anymore?
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A blood red sunset on a warm summer night
A full moon follows to cast an erie light
A soft wind makes the trees put on a dancing show
The fireflies come out and set the world aglow

Autumn comes and now the trees are all afire
The air gets crisp and all the flowers soon expire
Apples fatten in the field up on the hill
Days grow shorter and the mornings bring a chill

The seasons they change
And the snow and the rain
Make everything new

It's soon winter and the sun has grown so shy
Comes out for a little while and then it says goodbye
Snow falls fast and all the children want to play
Their cheeks turn red and the sky turns so grey

Spring arrives with new begginings and new love
Birds all feel it and they sing it from above
Winter fights to stay, she never wants to go
A single flower pokes up through the melting snow

The seasons they change
And the snow and the rain
Make everything new
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Guitars, bass, drums, piano.
Llarion said 2301 days ago (July 2nd, 2013)
Nice vocal..
And a pretty song... From your mix choices, it is clear that guitar is your main thing, the mix is largely guitar-biased. The drums are equalized in such a way that the net result is a lack of body in them, most notably in the bottom end. The bass guitar is mostly hidden deeply in the mix... The vocals are clean, free of fuss and the harmonies are very tight and pleasing. The guitar work is top notch as well, clean and solid. This just sounds like a little more of a seasoned job on the mix console and you have a winner here.. If you have a way to get the dry individual tracks to me, I'd be happy to take a swing at it..
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jfisenne said 2301 days ago (July 2nd, 2013)
Seasons Change
Thank you for the thorough listen. The drums are the weakest part for a few reasons. I'm new to playing them so I only know some basic beats. Also, I only have 1 mic that I tried to position to get a good sound. I did double the drum track to get a broader sound, but it still doesn't sound anywhere as professional as the drum loops that are available. Good point on the bass being hidden in the mix. I would love to have someone who is good at mixing and with a good ear clean this up, but I wouldn't even know where to start to do that. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and comment.
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Llarion said 2300 days ago (July 3rd, 2013)
Oh, that explains a lot...
If only you had just one more mic, you could use the Recorderman method of miking, it gets a full and dimensioned sound with just two oddly placed mics (Search "Recorderman Drums" on YouTube to see it in acton). Message me privately, and if you have a good internet connection, and can get me the tracks via YouSentIt, or I can open an FTP port for you on my webserver...
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Bob Rodgers said 2299 days ago (July 4th, 2013)
arpeggio chords and I like your vocals and harmonies. Some excellent guitar playing and I'll look forward to hearing this again if you plan to do a remix.
Very much enjoyed.

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jfisenne said 2299 days ago (July 4th, 2013)
for checking this out and commenting Bob.
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Philip18 said 2299 days ago (July 5th, 2013)
The Seasons Change
I like the song and the performance. I especially like the fuzzy guitar work later in the song.

One of the good things about MacJams is that people like Phil (Llarion) offer to do things differently - always interesting and I'd take up his offer if I were you :-)

Enjoyable listening.
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jfisenne said 2298 days ago (July 5th, 2013)
I am going to try to take him up on that offer. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out Philip.
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jiguma said 2298 days ago (July 5th, 2013)
What Phil said
I like the song, and I think that, with a good mix, and maybe a re-think of the drums, it would brush up incredibly well. Your guitar tracks are just right here, but bass is virtually non-existent. Your vocals could also probably benefit from some work - what are you using as a mic? If I were you, I'd definitely be taking up Phil's offer. If he hadn't made it, I'd have done so - the track has a lot of potential.
Cheers from Oz,
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jfisenne said 2298 days ago (July 5th, 2013)
The mic
I use the Shure SM58 microphone. My "one and only" although I'm thinking about buying another mic if only to try that two mic drum method that Phil mentioned. Thanks for giving this a listen and being honest with your feedback.
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jiguma said 2294 days ago (July 9th, 2013)
I've just done some recording with a band of pro jazz players and a great young singer using an SM58, and we got a great vocal sound. Maybe its something else - effects perhaps? See what Phil comes up with if he has a go at it.
Looking forward to a new mix.
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Llarion said 2298 days ago (July 5th, 2013)
Here is the instruction video. It is crucial that the mics be the same. Get another SM58.
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Bob6stringer said 2198 days ago (October 13th, 2013)
Moody & blue
Kind of moody, kind of blue...I sense a touch of Hayward/Lodge in your influences, although this I think is my first listen to your music. Hopefully I'll get more familiar and, of course, not compare you to anyone. Nice lyrical concept, delivered quite well, new friend. Love the guitar solo break, btw.
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thetiler said 2182 days ago (October 30th, 2013)
Great poetic ryming
Fun timing and the music is a chiming !
Very effective lyrics indeed and the music pushes nicely. Thanks for sharing !
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