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The First 420 Seconds



 Genre: Piano

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Classical Shades Potpourri Medley . . .

i am also hereby extending acknowledgements and credits to jennylynn ~ she was instrumental in formulating the end-results of this song ~ as she was sitting and
had a thought-storm-story line just the other night, and then came up with a basic melody to the irishy-folk-song-sounding section here - which we have also done vocally - but she has not yet recorded those vocal ideas.

well there are various shades here -
you may perceive just what is green and what is not.

thanks for the AHH Tension.

One should perhaps take note that sections within are intended to be quite diverse amongst each other. Its musical sentences do not necessarily comprise a typical paragraph. Its light glows intensely and reaches further outward.

This performance is "world" ~ some "victorian" ~ a taste of "Romantic" - a splash of "jazz" ~ a wash of "eclectic" & etcetera.

This is the first exposition of these 420 seconds.

you can have it too - if you want to.

the song is seven minutes short.

Entering each chamber is a different experience than the last.

. . . and so it seems the moods are many.

i think it does not seem to be this short once you taste it.

One of the movements i originally played with a customized harpsichord setting - but the levels were too high and it did not seem to compliment other passages within this piece.

Wayne did a great job on "Hallelujah Girl" -
and so it is great playing and collaborating right here with jennylynn - PattyL, Sharon Dessalet, Noah Grove, Pat Fitzgerald, Fasteddie, Delles Solberg, Jonte Tychman, Daryle Cole, and Diane (Deebeesea) - and the other collaborators -

* This particular selection perhaps has naked / subtle sections ~ where it would be advantageous to get other input from other musicians here -

i was thinking of 'plugging-in' the lyrics from
journey's "Faithfully" and "Every Rose Has its Thorn" - and assigining a new melodic line for them here and elsewhere - on sites - with different phrasing and rhythm of course. Since my new song structure is entirely different. This was my first intention for "The First 420 Seconds".

There is also my version of "The River" here on icompositions - using Garth Brook's lyrics and my own guitar chording and melody-change./ holdong onto some of the original with this one.

(I have done this juxtaposing recently with other cover tunes in LIVE situations and it seems to intrigue people and / or attending one~celled organisms in the immediate vicinity... except the smaller creatures often have trouble lugging a C.D. out the door - but there is plenty of standing room for them - but the paramecium often choose to calmly perch and wiggle about.)

"The First 420 Seconds" is mixed utilizing some new techniques in panning and reverb. It is 'sectioned-off' so to speak into various sized sections; ranging from 12 to 30 seconds, each mixed with its own subtle parameter values.
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paul f. page said 2246 days ago (July 29th, 2013)
...in the opening bars of this little song are gently pleasant and what follows at 1:20 or so with those ever-so-slightly dissonant chords is truly a blessing to hear. Every section of this track is uniquely interesting in its design and sound, but it is very hard to put them all together as a unified whole with a specific focus in melody or harmony except in the areas of general tempo, gentle feel, and very precise playing. Nevertheless, this is such a delightfully pleasant track to listen to and it is very calming from start to finish. I enjoyed it very much, indeed.
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PatriciaGirl said 2240 days ago (August 5th, 2013)
The First 420 Seconds
A delightful journey of creativity. I enjoyed it very much!
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grah3am said 2224 days ago (August 20th, 2013)
Beautiful playing
i like the medley very much.
It would be great to hear jennylynn's vocals someday. Keep us posted, please.
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Narad said 2191 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
The First 420 Seconds
Very nice listen ! Thanks for sharing ! :)
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