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Theme, Variation and Development [4 min+ v2.0] WIP



 Genre: Classical

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Further development... still a long way to go...

Thanks for listening,
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Uploaded: Sep 21, 2013 - 11:10:55 AM
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Reinholt56 said 2164 days ago (September 21st, 2013)
Hi Alimar....
There seems, to me, to be some delays inherent in this mix, that may not be quite correct. I hear the theme develop, more instruments come in, and then theres the theme and, a few moments later, some of the brass? come in on the same theme but delayed.

Other than that it's coming along swimmingly. I like pizzicato parts and the phrases they play, with the minor variation on each second phrase.

Looking forward to another upload soon.

Take care.

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Alimar said 2164 days ago (September 21st, 2013)
Thanks for your input!
I'll have to look at that section more closely. It does have a lazy feel to it. The rhythms may be causing the delay you mentio. Other than the deliberate pause throughout, the timing mat need tweaking. Thank you!
867-5309 said 2164 days ago (September 21st, 2013)
but hey - i really like it so far !!
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Alimar said 2164 days ago (September 21st, 2013)
Thanks for listening and commenting.
IbotenicParadigm said 2163 days ago (September 22nd, 2013)
First time
I'm hearing this, so I can't compare it to the others (although I really dig that you post your developments). This one has a solidity like it's built of 'blocks' of instruments, that got me thinking about your method: do you compose in broad sections of instrumentation, or do you write single instruments and develop them? The answer is probably "Yes", so I'll just say that some of the details really moved me: that little step up to dreamland at 2:07 is very beautiful and beautifully placed, and the entire final 30 seconds is so satisfying I don't have the words to describe it. Great stuff!
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Alimar said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
The process
Thanks for your words. I appreciate your listening and commenting. You must reveal yourself! :)

As I compose, I envision the entire orchestra. As the melodies gel, each part is written within the string or woodwinds section as chords, then assigned to each instrument. As I listen, I start to hear other things happening. It's a constant cycle, refining and developing.
paul f. page said 2162 days ago (September 22nd, 2013)
In medias res...
Seemed to pick up in the middle of something else, but you develop things very nicely as you move ahead with the number. I always like your choices of orchestration which seem to grow naturally from one another, all making for a very pleasant sound. I wonder if the very high strings throughout are the best way to use them. As a contrast, you might wish to bring them down several octaves now and again. And, oh, I really like the pizz section. There is sort of an episodic nature to this whole track that suggests to me a story line that is being told. It is rather fragmented from that standpoint, but perhaps that's the point. You are painting some very nice pictures.
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Alimar said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
Great input
Thanks again for your commentary. You made some great points regarding the strings. I have taken your advice, and mixed up the high strings to low, in a few places. It makes sense. As this developed, the pauses were originally left in case I wanted to insert something else. After awhile, the gaps appealed to me. Since this posting, I've added a few more parts, and tweaked the others.
Narad said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
Theme, Variation and Development
A very promising composition ! The sonority of the instruments is really awesome. :)
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Alimar said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
…I like that word! Thanks for dropping by to have a listen.
PeterB7858 said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
Theme, Variation and Development
As I listen, I am trying to envisage the story that is unfolding. The music is quite pastoral and serene but I have yet to really settle on a compelling theme other than woodland/magical creatures gambolling in an idyllic setting. It is very beautiful to listen to, though. Thanks, as always, Alimar. Regards, Peter.
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Alimar said 2162 days ago (September 23rd, 2013)
I still don't have a story or title for this. It hasn't evoked any imagery yet. Thanks for your thoughts, and especially for listening.
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