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Island Spice



 Genre: Reggae

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This keyboard & Drum track was done by a friend of my Son, he just got a iMac
and wanted to know how to loop things and just work the program...
So I showed him a lot of the moves, this is what he put together, so I said...
I'd put 2 Guitars and a Bass on what ever he did...!!!! Just jokingly...
Sounded good, so I had to follow through on it...

Nothing is layered it's just a strait up, chop and mix so....
Not really sure what you would call this, Reggae Jazz....or something...

I hope you all enjoy...
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Philip18 said 1986 days ago (April 15th, 2014)
Island Spice
Relaxed feel. Bright backing and smooth guitar work. Nice one, Tony!
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Soundhound said 1986 days ago (April 16th, 2014)
Thanks Philip...
Just trying to keep my word because he's a real good guy, as old
as we are most kids don't want any information from us and he!!!!
Well most would fall on their face's with the 1st try at this, not him
he as well for my Son pay attention to the history of things...
Because if you don't understand how we got here Musically, you'll
never be able to take it to the next level... And he is headed in the
right direction...
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paul f. page said 1986 days ago (April 16th, 2014)
Who cares...
what you call it? It has kind of a mellow and jazzy island sound that's quite nice, very peaceful, unrushed. Just a sit-back-and-relax number that works on many levels to relax. Bravo for a first composition (and your subtle additions). Cool.
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Soundhound said 1984 days ago (April 18th, 2014)
Thanks Paul...
For your kindness, I think he will be able to see what is coming and put it
together...The young dreamers are few these days, they are stuck in the
Video Game world or Cel phone world, they will never let their brains work
on their own, until it's to late...Never relax to the point of peacefulness, never
see the day just the screen...how can Industry be so mean...

Glad you like it....
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PeterB7858 said 1984 days ago (April 18th, 2014)
Island Spice
I think you hit the nail on the head with the name, Tony. Uplifting, tropical feel. Some fine, understated guitar work. I like the way the bass mirrors the lead, too. Nice one. Thanks, Peter.
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Soundhound said 1984 days ago (April 18th, 2014)
Glad you've enjoyed this, just keeping it simple because most tropical
grooves are very elementary, to maintain attention on the groove not
to the orchestration as much...
Even though there is a lot of room for it...
Thanks again....Peter
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grah3am said 1977 days ago (April 25th, 2014)
I recognise that drum loop.
I've used it so many times! Great to know you're passing your wisdom. I helped a young man get his first iMac recently. He wanted it specifically for Garageband, and I haven't seen him since. He's apparently been very busy.
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Soundhound said 1976 days ago (April 26th, 2014)
The World...
Just got a lot bigger, for them and now they can see it all on a groove...
Funny!! Wish we had these tools as kids, cost me a small fortune to do
some songs made a small fortune with them but it's, nowhere near what
it could've been...This young man has raw talent, he's got the groove
thing down and knows his way around a keyboard so he'll be OK....

Thanks for stopping in...

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scaustrita said 1967 days ago (May 4th, 2014)
it covers a few genres but i do hear the reggae.
i still a big fan of the guitar sound produce
very catchy song, stays with you.

:: Always The Teacher! ::
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Soundhound said 1967 days ago (May 5th, 2014)
Thanks Steve...
Yes it does cover a few of them, Bossa, Chacha, list goes on and on..
At the time Reggae popped in to my head and stayed there...
I run my guitars direct don't use an amp. much, only when nothing
else is giving me what I want... :-)
The Melody was just a feel moving with the track, the other back guitar
was just complimentary to change the tempo and colour with in the tempo...
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Bowman said 1966 days ago (May 5th, 2014)
How great
it is to share your love of music with a young musician.
A very smooth and enjoyable listen.
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Soundhound said 1960 days ago (May 11th, 2014)
Thanks Man...
Just trying to pass on the gift I've been given, I'm grateful that he enjoys
hearing what little I know about Music..

Thanks... Charlie for stopping in...
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tmcfate said 1914 days ago (June 27th, 2014)
A great commitment to his creation. You have great moves and compassion..peace
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Soundhound said 1894 days ago (July 16th, 2014)
Turned out to be a fun project....
Thanks again for stopping in...

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tltate said 1329 days ago (February 1st, 2016)
I like it. Is he just getting started as a musician? My son wants to create music but never showed enough interest for me teach him. Now he wants it. He's little behind, but I think he can do it if he really wants it.
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Reggae is a music genre developed in Jamaica. Reggae may be used in a broad sense to refer to most types of Jamaican music, including ska, rocksteady, dub, dancehall and ragga. The term may also be used to distinguish a particular style that originat

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