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(ennead #7) I Was Named By My Mother

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Yet another Rock Opera///
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1 – Prologue - I WAS NAMED BY MY MOTHER (the Son)

I was named by my mother
for the uncle who didn't survive
and each time she looked in my sweet little face
she'd see him stare back through his sad little eyes
and I never could bring her the peace she desired
lord knows - how I tried
and I know what I’d say if she were here today
Dear mother, please smile
and she'd hum to me waltzes by Strauss
as I’d bounce on her knee in 3/4 time...
...I was named by my mother, for the brother that died.


she was born in the middle of the great big war
her daddy was a soldier, and her momma couldn't feed them all
one of her brothers starved to death,
they were always listening for the wolf
scratching at their door
oh the horror and all the trouble
and all the burden that they had to bare
ain't life unfair
the bombs would fall
the sirens called
and her brothers cried with their hungry eyes
she was born in the middle of the great big war

3 – GOING TO AMERICA (the Woman)

I’m heading off across the sea
I'm busting out and I’m breaking free
good bye momma, I’m going to America

Here it comes, the hardest part
I know this is gonna break your heart,
but good bye poppa, I’m heading to America.

oh, the streets are paved with gold
and no one ever gets old when you're living in America

and at last I can escape my past
and you can kiss my *** when I’m living in America

when I leave, I ain't never looking back
my minds made up, and my bags are packed
good bye every body, and good luck
and you can kiss my ass
I’m heading to America

4 - DIRTY OLD WORLD/HOTEL BELVEDERE (Narrator to the Woman)

its a dirty old world that we live in
with the dirty old men and their dirty little minds
you know what they're thinking
you're a pretty young thing just ripe for picking
off these dirty old streets, in this dirty old city

but oh, where is that Knight in shining armor
riding on a white horse, slaying dragons

at the Hotel Belvedere
there's a boy who's working there
as the bell hop, on the night shift, killing time
and he finds you on the street
when you're a million miles from home
and he'll take you in and keep you warm and dry

but a bell hop ain't no knight,
and a flea bag ain't no castle
but he'll save you from the dragons in your mind...

and oh, it's gonna be alright, at the Hotel Belvedere
and oh, he's gonna let you spend the night
with him at the Hotel Belvedere...
...'cause you're a pretty young thing, ripe for picking

5 – I'M JUST A BOY (her Husband)

hey, I’m angry and I full of regret
what was I thinking, no I’m not ready yet
I’m just a boy, I don't wanna behave
(I’m just a boy)

it was a slip of the tongue, just a phase I went through,
I didn't really mean it when I said that I love you,
oh, I was tryin' to get laid
(I’m just a boy)

but now I’m waking down the aisle with a child on the way
(what on earth am I gonna do)
is it love or is it cancer
(it's both I’m afraid)
growing deep inside of you(what am I gonna do)

it ain't a crime, I just made a mistake
I’ve done my time, now I’m planning my escape
I’m going out now
and I’m gonna get laid
and I ain't coming back
I don't wanna beha-ha-ha-ha-ave
(see you later alligator – in a while, crocodile)

6 - A PIECE OF PAPER AND SOME CRAYONS (her Young Son to the Woman)

give me a piece of paper
and some crayons
and I’ll color you a dream
I draw a rainbow
some butterflies and flowers
and at the bottom of the page I’ll write in great big letters that I love you
please don't go away
I don't understand what's happening these days

give me a piece of paper
and some crayons
and I’ll color you a dream...

...is this a dream?

7 – THE CLOSER WE GET TO THE END (the Woman to her Husband)

it seems like I am always running away
down a one way street
but the past is always close behind
I feel like I’m running out of time

you said we'd travel this world together
when I got better
I’d go to the ends of the earth with you
and find out if our love is true

we'd strike another match, and start anew
but the closer we get to the end
the further I am from you

every time we'd reach our destination
my heart fills with cold hard desperation
surrender turns into the separation
between me and you

I've been all around this great big world
looking for a place to belong
I thought that I belonged with you
now I found out it isn't true

because the closer we got to the end
the further I am from you
(and it's all over now baby blue)

8 – DAY AFTER LONELY DAY (Woman & her Father)
Daddy dear
where have you gone
I need you more than ever
I know you’re gone forever
but if you were here
what would you say
would you make it all better
you know I never meant to break your heart
or make you cry
You went away, I still wonder why
the years have past
I’ve watched they fly
day after lonely day

What have we here?
My little girl is lost and all alone
what am I to say, I couldn't save myself
I washed the pain away
with all those pills and alcohol
the day you left I thought I’d die
I sat myself right down and cried
the years went past
I watched them fly...
day after lonely day
day after lonely day
it's another lonely day

9 – Epilogue - WHO AM I (the Son)

who am I
and what am I gonna do now
I don't know I don't know how I ended up here
but I’ll make it through some how

because I know my heart
and I know my name
the story is ever changing
but it always ends the same
way - yeah yeah yeah

and if the past should ever haunt me
then I’ll see you in my dreams
we can share a cup of coffee
and talk about things
(like how you been...
...and it's nice to see you again)

who am I
I don't know I don't know I don't know.
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davisamerica said 1840 days ago (September 29th, 2014)
Damn ambitious
...... Seriously!! Harry Nelson.... Backed by the Beatles.... Inspired by the Who .... Why do songs played on an iPhone don't show up as "played" ?? This is brilliant. Look for a forum post.
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davisamerica said 1840 days ago (September 29th, 2014)
Check out my latest song called ok char2(Vic and Flatrock mix)
bud said 1840 days ago (September 29th, 2014)
This is brilliant
and I'm only half way through. Love Going to America and currently digging Dirty Old World. Have to jump before I finish to catch a conference call. Will be back to finish. Agree with Jack on the Harry Nillson comparison. But there's a lot more going on here that feels really personal.Later!
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MikeRobinson said 1840 days ago (September 29th, 2014)
Just when you were utterly sure ...
... of what was the best that MacJams could possibly deliver ...
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J.A.Stewart said 1840 days ago (September 29th, 2014)
Ambitious Undertaking
Randy Newman / Harry Nilsson-esque... with a touch of Ray Davies is my initial reaction... not bad company to find yourself in. ;)

Is there a book that goes with this collection? Are you trying to shop this as a stage play, or is it just an audio production?

Whatever the answer, I applaud the effort that I know goes into this. ;)

--- Joe

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Warren Smith said 1840 days ago (September 30th, 2014)
Major effort!

Nice flow to the music. I love the variety of textures, the transitions and the multiplicity of references woven into the story.
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sammydix said 1838 days ago (October 1st, 2014)
already know how I feel about the mini-opera. so glad others are getting to hear it too. sounds just as good the second time around.
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The_Applesauce_Project said 1838 days ago (October 1st, 2014)
Still just as heartbreaking, too.
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Moviz said 1837 days ago (October 2nd, 2014)
Wonderful performances, regards M
Check out my latest song called We'll Meet Again
PeterB7858 said 1836 days ago (October 3rd, 2014)
I Was Named By My Mother
In awe about this undertaking, Michael. Just fabulous. I love the wry acoustic opening and I absolutely agree with Jack re the Harry Nilsson and Beatles influences. The whole suite hold together so coherently and the story and the understated arrangements are just great. Your vocals suit this format perfectly. I will say it again, fabulous!!! Thanks. Kind regards, Peter.
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DWL said 1834 days ago (October 6th, 2014)
Quite a piece of work!
I sit back in amazement.

Lovely mixture of styles and themes.


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Dadai.2 said 1824 days ago (October 15th, 2014)
had to come back...
so satisfying... so entertaining... so well composed, arranged, and produced. Very nice...
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