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A Moment With You (revised)

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This song has a long and storied history. I originally wrote the first verse and the bridge in October of 2011, then let it languish in lyric hell when I couldn't come up with a second verse, let alone a third.

Then, last November, a pastiche challenge was posed here, and I thought, man, it would be fun to dust this one off and see if I could do an XTC pastiche with it (since I heard Andy Partridge singing the first verse in my head whenever I thought about the song), so I quickly finished up the lyrics and cranked out what I considered a "demo" version of the song and posted it there, with the intention of reworking the verses I didn't like and writing a second bridge since Andy rarely repeats verses in a song, and certainly not on any song on the album this was intended to be a pastiche of (Oranges and Lemons from 1989, for those keeping score) before posting it here.

And there it threatened to lurk in lyric hell once again until this spring when inspiration struck due to events in my life to actually rework/rewrite the verses I didn't like. I began re-recording the vocals and adding backing vocals and then other events in my life caused me to collapse into an emotional black hole.

But I've pulled myself out of that event horizon and am now ready to share this with the rest of the world. So.

Since I began writing and recording songs, people have been saying to me, "Well, the Beatles stuff is nice and all, but when are you going to record something that's *your* sound." My reply has always been, "That IS *my* sound." But if there is such a thing distinct from my Beatle pastiches, this song would be the closest to it.
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I don’t want to be the sole survivor
In your war against yourself
And don’t treat me like some social miser
Hiding love upon a shelf
There’s no need to explain
I know all about the pain
That your life has put you through
I don’t care about any of that, girl
The only thing I want is
A moment with you
The real you

I don’t want to be the grand high marshall
In your pity town parade
And forgive me if I’m being impartial
About these choices that you’ve made”
It is all so clear to me
That you’re trying hard to be
An image that’s untrue
I don’t care about any of that, girl
The only thing I want is
A moment with you
The real you

Don’t let despair consume your essence
Instead let hope define your presence
Who we think we are isn’t necessarily
Who we really are supposed to be

[instrumental break]

If you open up your eyes
Then you just might realize
You’re stronger than you knew
I don’t want see you drowning in weakness
The only thing I want is
A moment with you
The real you

To realize your life’s potential
Building self-esteem’s essential
You can make yourself who you really want to be
Perception truly is reality

I don’t want to wear the shining armor
In your perfect fantasy
And don’t tell me that you’re nothing but harm, girl
A self-fulfilling prophecy
That’s not who you really are
You’re my one true shining star
So darling let that light shine through
I don’t want to see you wallow in darkness
There’s only one thing I want
A moment with you
The real you

Words and music copyright © 2013-2014 John Mietus. All rights reserved.
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Philip18 said 1810 days ago (October 6th, 2014)
A moment with you
I love the bouncy melody and the ringing guitars (I assume that's a 12 string in there?). Clear and energetic vocals and 60's style harmonies. I like it!
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The_Applesauce_Project said 1810 days ago (October 6th, 2014)
...it's a double-tracked Epiphone Casino, and some of the licks I'm playing an octave apart, so it does have a 12-string feel. I might be running some artificial double tracking on it as well... I don't remember. :D And thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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PeterB7858 said 1810 days ago (October 7th, 2014)
A Moment With You
Cool retro vibe. Classic harmonies. Ruminative lyrics for a song of this style :-) I like the arrangement. Nice one. Thanks, Peter.
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Daugrin said 1809 days ago (October 7th, 2014)
Mersey Beat
The music is 1966, great pop music that year. No Beatles touchtone here though. Which is fine with me. The production is clear and well considered. Thanks for sharing your work with us here!


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Vic Holman said 1806 days ago (October 10th, 2014)
Moment With You
yes, a good nod to xtc. still there is your style.... a mix of great classic rock with a fresh sound
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