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Piano string etude #4 (Arisen work in progress)



 Genre: Classical

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This is a brand new a song about "Arising" from the ashes of my destruction by my own hand with alcohol and celebrating my sobriety. Enjoy :)

(Been working on this one for about 4 days now, me playing piano and strings in Ableton. One of the best I've done in awhile, it's short only 3 minutes. Let me know if you like. I will be doing more like it.) -Chris
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paul f. page said 1679 days ago (March 9th, 2015)
...feel. Not sensing much form here, but a lot of energetic chording and repeated patterns that are full of life and surprises. The strings kind of power through chordal material maybe a little harshly. Just back off the "presence" and slide in a tad more reverb and you'll be there. I very much enjoy the energy and insistence in this track, but long for maybe a little bit more nuanced playing and dynamics. Everything doesn't have to be forte! ... I am enjoying hearing your work and the exciting places you are going.
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Ultrabeast said 1678 days ago (March 11th, 2015)
Thanks Paul, Was hoping you would like this one. :) This song is about doing the total unexpected in each measure of what the ear expects to hear. Thanks you are right, someday I will add some more dynamics to it and add some more reverb. I had some trouble post producing this for awhile, because when I had more reverb I was worried people wouldn't be able to hear the chord progressions/counterpoints of the strings and piano because they were shrouded in echoes so I used a predelay, but not sure if it sounds right. Cheers good to see you back at MJ! -Chris
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Bowman said 1677 days ago (March 11th, 2015)
A spontaneous
improvisational quality to this. Certainly points to the heavens.
Sounds like you might have quantized this. I’d like it a bit looser but still much enjoyed.

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Ultrabeast said 1677 days ago (March 11th, 2015)
Hmm yes I did, you caught me red handed!
I usually hate quantizing but I thought I'd try it and see if people liked it. Okay great my friend I will try playing it with yours and Paul's suggestions. Less presence, more reverb and no quantizing :D
Thanks Charlie
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Philip18 said 1677 days ago (March 12th, 2015)
Piano Concerto
The full chords suggest strength, the lighter notes on top suggest joy. The strings are uplifting. Altogether, it does what you want it to - celebrates a new life. Much enjoyed!
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Ultrabeast said 1676 days ago (March 12th, 2015)
Thanks Phillip :)
Glad you liked it. I think I've heard it so many times post producing that I started to hate it. That ever happen to you?
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Philip18 said 1672 days ago (March 16th, 2015)
That ever happened to you
"Hate" might be a bit strong, but I do get sick of some songs and stop listening to them...
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Warren Smith said 1675 days ago (March 13th, 2015)
There's a brittleness to the raw energy expressed here that's edgy. Sometimes that's the kind of music we need to make .. to let it flow out in a torrent .. without regard to the polishing that takes the edge away. Especially if that helps with sobriety .. then by all means make more music like this.
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Classically trained Composer and Musician - primary instrument is piano, also do production. ... [see more]

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