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 Genre: Baroque

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Two cheerful pieces. In the second one I went a little overboard in chromaticism.

These are part of my project for arranging a ton of Dutch popular tunes.
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Uploaded: Sep 13, 2015 - 09:51:13 PM
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Dadai.2 said 1226 days ago (September 13th, 2015)
Vic the flutester...
These two pieces together are an amazing litltle gem. As they say, music to my ears...
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sammydix said 1226 days ago (September 14th, 2015)
I feel
the mood really captures a "harlequin feel." But sounds a bit "troubadour-ish" also. Two songs shorter than one!
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Narad said 1225 days ago (September 14th, 2015)
Your music sounds brighter and richer as usual for some time past and it is perfect to your baroque flute. Did you change your studio ? ;)
Very nice and uplifting listen. Thanks !!
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Warren Smith said 1225 days ago (September 14th, 2015)
Less is more
Sometimes less is more. Or, at least, more than enough. These pieces are vibrant.
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davisamerica said 1225 days ago (September 14th, 2015)
If I had of been quicker
I would have booked you as a wandering minstrel at young son's wedding this Friday in Austin..... and would have requested these two lovely pieces! Well done maestro
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PeterB7858 said 1225 days ago (September 15th, 2015)
Uplifting, evocative music. Carnival time, court jesters and fair maidens. Much enjoyed. Thanks.
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papag said 1222 days ago (September 17th, 2015)
I listened to these twice and each time was carried along the path as the flutes intertwined. Lovely

thanks for the download
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magnatone said 1221 days ago (September 18th, 2015)
I needed cheerful today so thanks! You have such a gift, Vic!
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mystrag said 1221 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
Jester's Tale
These pieces are full of that medieval vibe I enjoy very much, and those lower counter melodies really add the spice. Masterfully played as usual. Thanks.
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VicDiesel said 1220 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
What's a century or two between friends.....
Thanks very much for your comments.


This is not anywhere near medieval. The middle ages were over by 3 centuries when these melodies were written in the early 1700s, and my harmonization is actually anachronistic by a bit for that time again. The first half would be quite acceptable for the 1700s, but the second piece has an amount of chromaticism that Bach may have written, but not too many other people in that era. And the first two measures go Gm/D Gm/E Gm/F# which is entirely not idiomatic for that era. I think that's my pop sensibility shining through....

Sorry, didn't mean to unload on you, but there is really a difference between medieval, renaissance, baroque, and later. Bit like calling Chuck Berry "heavy metal"; sure, it's an evolution of one genre (rock) but there are decided differences.

Again, thanks for commenting, much appreciated, nothing against you. Just something that's been bugging me for a while and that until now I've refrained from commenting on.
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Doug Somers said 1220 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
Cheerful indeed
Expertly played with interesting movement between the parts. Nice clear tones throughout. Clearly you've put a lot of thought into these two pieces. Do you write out the parts or improvise against charts after laying down one track?

Very enjoyable listen VIc.
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VicDiesel said 1220 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
Thanks. I have written pieces where the parts were improvised after settling on a chord progression, but this one is too tricky for that. Definitely written out.
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scottghorwath said 1220 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
dancing parts
nothing to fix here - nice . . . baroque-ish is it not ? - woods frolick with each other intertwining in a perfect relationship
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Daugrin said 1220 days ago (September 19th, 2015)
English Tradition?
So late 1700-early 1800s? The Italian originators of the character would enjoy the revival of their gifted foil. The chromatics are indeed problematic, be much appreciated... the form must be free to grow in the air here with us. Credit is due on the production. The work here is smooth and rich in detail and color, not the fall off the log job it may appear to the all digital crowd. Well done!


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