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 Genre: Acoustic

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Hi all. Not been back to MJ for ages and as Steve and I now live 100 miles apart we rarely meet up sadly. Anyway last summer I took my eldest son Michael (21) gliding. It was a great experience and I came up with a little song about it (like you do!). Youngest son Joey (17)is currently at music college in Nottingham and he got me to go in to the studio there for him to record and mix this song as part of his college project. It was a really enjoyable experience and any feedback on his recording and mixing efforts from you good people at MJ would be much appreciated. This is sort of a family effort I guess!!
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Gliding with my son
Across the sky
Sun on my face and the wind
Rushing by
Got a feeling of pure perfection
Gliding in all directions
The air is taking me higher
For a glorious moment
I’m flying

Rising up so high
Above the clouds
Sweeping along so far
From the ground
Together we’re sharing these feelings
Emotions and bodies both reeling
A father and son to the end
Re connecting as friends

Soaring into the blue
Like my heart
The smile on his face takes me back
To the start
Got a feeling of pure perfection
Gliding in all directions
The air is taking me higher
For a glorious moment I’m flying.

Mark Spruce August 2015
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me and my old Eko six string
DWL said 1302 days ago (March 21st, 2016)
Suitably floaty!
Your son did a good job as this has really nice airy feel which suits the subject perfectly.

A nicely understated song that works really well.

Nice to see you back!


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Dadai.2 said 1302 days ago (March 21st, 2016)
tile says it all, this song glides and breezes gently along - voice and guitar. Beautiful tune, Stan...

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PeterB7858 said 1301 days ago (March 22nd, 2016)
Great to hear a family inspired project, Mark. Nice, warm acoustic opening. Suitably "floaty" song, as Dick said. Good sense of space in the mix. Acoustic guitars are often quite hard to record and Joey has done a pretty good job of it. Enjoyed, thanks.
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J_Gretch said 1300 days ago (March 22nd, 2016)
Nice open mix and well played. I really like the placement of the vocals. The backup vox may step on the lead at 1:40 thru 1:50 just at the end of the phrase. Barely noticeable and I only mention it because you asked for feedback. Really cool song and a pleasure to listen,,,thanks for sharing.
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MikeRobinson said 1300 days ago (March 23rd, 2016)
To describe this as light, airy, and carefree ...
... seems to me, extremely appropriate.

Well done.
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Philip18 said 1299 days ago (March 24th, 2016)
As the other comments say, light and airy feel that suits the lyrics. I might have made the guitar interludes a little less echoey? Gentle and congenial.
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hackneybloke said 1299 days ago (March 24th, 2016)
hi mark
a lot of reverb on the guitar. thought it was too much....but then the vocals kicked in and it gave a nice sixties retro feel. i liked the panned vocal left to right and back.
lovely guitar work. just the right amount of harmony and doubling of the main vocal.
loving that guitar riff.
Lyrics work perfectly - could look obvious on paper....but your delivery settles them nicely.
love the ending.
wow....great track mark....trademark mark :)

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Warren Smith said 1298 days ago (March 25th, 2016)
Songs of experience
I've never been gliding .. so I'm going to take your word that this is what it feels like : )

I like the multiple ramifications involved in this simple song .. the reconnecting of a father and son for a unique flying experience .. the reconnecting of father and son as a recording experience .. and of course writing and performing a song about the experience itself. Good post!

Now I'm looking forward to what you will come up with after you guys ride a giant roller coaster together.
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smokey bacon jnr said 1296 days ago (March 27th, 2016)
really nice
Very floaty! Nice spacey mix and effects. Enjoyed listening to that.
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paul f. page said 1294 days ago (March 29th, 2016)
Captured the feeling...
There is a little dreaminess in this, cloud-inspired, light-hearted little song. The understated accompaniment just gives it even more "lift." Very pleasant listen. (And how great it is to do something musical with your children!)
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