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 Genre: Acoustic Rock

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A political song for my 11th year at MJ celebration! How appropriate :)
Australia's detention policy regarding refugees is a national disgrace, with two self-immolations in one week (one fatal) in a detention centre on Nauru. The Minister currently responsible is Peter Dutton, an ex police officer - who continues the shamefully cruel approach of the previous minister, Scott Morrison towards refugees.
There's not a lot I can do personally about this situation except write a song.
This is for P.D.
"Judgement Day" refers in the first instance to the upcoming national election (although the other main political party appears to have the same attitude to refugee detention), but also to the biblical judgement day of course. Interestingly, these politicians profess to having strong christian beliefs - amazing!
It's a slow bluesy kind of song with obtuse words, but I think you'll get the meaning.
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Judgement Day
©2016 Neil Porter

Big fella’s got a good view
Waiting for the judgement day
You know he’s gonna see you
Waiting for the judgement day
On the judgement day
Yeah there’s a judgement day
Big guy blue sky pigs fly
Gonna be a judgement day

Talk back, brain hack, back track
You take my breath away
I wouldn’t want to be you
Waiting at the pearly gates some day
On the judgement day
Yeah there’s a judgement day
Big guy blue sky pigs fly
Gonna be a judgement day



Stop boats, blue notes, get votes
You locked them all away
No voice, no hope, no choice
You took their lives away
On the judgement day
Yeah there’s a judgement day
Big guy blue sky pigs fly
Gonna be a judgement day


Hard as steel and cold as ice
You’ll never get to paradise
I really hope you get what’s coming
On the judgement day
On the judgement day
Yeah there’s a judgement day
Big guy blue sky karma’s gonna get ya
On the judgement day

There’s gonna be a judgement day
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egobandit said 1259 days ago (May 4th, 2016)
I like the pigs fly , laid back groove in this that lead is on point , some people are gonna get theirs , in the end we all get it , very cool !
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jiguma said 1258 days ago (May 6th, 2016)
Thanks for the listen - I have called the solo a "toothpaste" lead - kind of like squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube :)
Cheers from Oz,
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Philip18 said 1259 days ago (May 5th, 2016)
Judgement Day
Sits in a groove very well. Powerful lyrics. Clean bright mix. Strong statement about an problem for which all politicians seem to have only awful solutions. Impressive, Neil.
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ste said 1258 days ago (May 6th, 2016)
the unexpected chord change in the verse. top groove, good lyrics
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groovehounds said 1254 days ago (May 9th, 2016)
Almost has a Cajun feel... I like that strange chordal progression and the way you take us on that little trip in the middle. Well performed and all the bits are living clearly in there own world. the organ at the end .... I can never get enough organ.
Thats that photo thats gone viral because he wanted it removed .... I quite like it. We all have bad politicians that are controlled by corporations... nothing like democracy.
Well done!
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Warren Smith said 1254 days ago (May 10th, 2016)
This sad thought has been the saving grace for millions through the years - that some day karma's gonna get those powerful jerks who screw everybody except their rich family and friends. Whether true of not, singing about it does provide for a cathartic encounter. At least we are still living in places where we can state the obvious and not get jailed .. or executed .. for doing so.

Love the deep tremolo vibe. I like how you dig out that guitar solo!
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PeterB7858 said 1252 days ago (May 12th, 2016)
Great photo of a less than great person. What an a%#&hole this guy is. Wears his religion like a black cloak. Suitably black and despairing mood in both lyrics and music, too. Really like the solo, Neil. But they are virtuously doing it to save drownings at sea...(sic). Thanks.
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Dadai.2 said 1251 days ago (May 13th, 2016)
Big guy blue sky pigs fly...
Gonna be a judgement day .

Neil, I like the lyric structure and word-play. Reminds me of something from a Beatles song (Lennon or Harrison). Infectious rhythm guitar and a nice tight solo riff. The whole thing moves along nicely. The serious nature of the lyrics play off the more fun-like beat and instrumentation. I like that kind of thing - makes for an interesting song. Kudos.
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davisamerica2 said 1248 days ago (May 16th, 2016)
Judgement Day
I like a funky 7th. Cool beat, and an issue that needs to be dealt with, but what can you do? Yep, write a song! Thanks, Neil.
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bronco said 1244 days ago (May 20th, 2016)
Hear the anger
Not much compassion around these days. Much easier to say nice things than to sacrifice to have them accomplished.
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jiguma said 1228 days ago (June 5th, 2016)
Just in case ......
here are the chords if you want to play along:
Verse: B7
Chorus: F7sus4
Break: G7sus4|A7sus4|B7
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