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Wild Volcano

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I was hoping to try and write some bluesish type songs but when I came to play guitar I realised 2 things,one my fingers just couldnt hold down the strings on the frets for very long as I haven't played it in years so I practised for a couple of weeks and got my fingers tougher,but then I have a bad habit of chewing my fingers when thinking.anyway.secondly I don't know how to play blues on guitar,just a few chords.I am striving to learn some scales though,its something to pursue.I had wanted to do something accoustic but with a sampled rhythm,it didn't quite turn out as I envisaged but its close.I imagined more clangy electro drum sounds but it ended up a bit more like a stomp.Recorded in tent with micro BR using a metronome click of er 180 bpm,then I recorded piano at work after everyone had gone home.The lyrics are about the perils of not dealing with stress,anger and tension.I count myself lucky in that the only time I really really lose my temper is when I'm cycling to get somwhere and all the elements seem to be raging against me - wind,rain and trucks blowing me off the road.In that situation,you can quite easily shout 'FF***#@&*%**#@&*? OFF!!!!' and it doesn't matter cos no-one can hear you anyway.Hopefully in doing a lot of cardio-vascular excersise you burn off alot of stress and tension,I know for some people its tough but I just think its really important to try n deal with it cos too many people seem to just suddenly flip out cos they've got all this stored up anger and frankly - its dangerous.Thank you for listening.
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Blowin' Wild Volcano
I could be your honey bee
sting in the tail no cherry tree
I could take your bloody hands and
Lead you from these dusty lands

No illusions love may die
You forget your born born to lie
Broken bottle lies on the shore
These washed up dreams you did before

Killer fool comes stealing round
To rob your money and shoot you down
Better pick yourself up and dust you down
No time to run your day is now
Blowin' Wild Volcano

Jumpin on freight train
Rollin back to town again
brothers and sisters jump for joy
But I aint nothin but a tin can boy
portraits hangin in the hall
dont stir my oatmeal much at all
got cursed by a witch on doomsday ridge
and I came back poor but you seek the Rich

Devil gonna burn the barnhouse down
Whiskey dont heed all the rats that drown
Take a shotgun with you to the canyonside
And a skeleton dressed up to be your bride
Blowin' Wild Volcano

In a suitcase filled with gypsy charms
you can pocket your pride and false alarms
Don't worry about Henry he's doing fine
Since they strung him up he tows the line
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boss micro BR
sschedra said 1202 days ago (July 5th, 2016)
Hey, I see you have been active lately. That's great! I haven't been on for a long time, but I got an email today (haven't gotten any notifications from MJ for a couple of years??) that said you had a new song. Like your early work you have a definite 60's lilt to your music. I was particularly impressed to hear stringed instruments. I guess I didn't know you played guitars as well as the ivories. At a couple of points in the song you hold a phrase for about 14 seconds! Impressive, and I am guessing you are not a smoker? Anyway, it's good to see one of the "old souls" back in action.
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paddler said 1200 days ago (July 7th, 2016)
old soul
thank you - er I'm a chain smoker though.Yeah, I haven't either and all I keep reading everywhere is its falling apart,and I thought well as mostly everything seems to be it would be a good time to try and attempt to construct a song.i do best on guitar cos I can't get a piano up the hill.got an accordian up there,hidden under a load of ferns,but I haven't tried starting a song with that yet,but there may be time.Thank you for llistening,StEvE
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abzwork said 1202 days ago (July 5th, 2016)
Wild V....
This mix is exactly as it should be....enjoyed every note...most excellent...I'm smilin' too...:):):)
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paddler said 1200 days ago (July 7th, 2016)
thats jolly decent of you to say so - Thanks!
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davajonah said 1202 days ago (July 6th, 2016)
Very nice
It's a little rough around the edges maybe, ['everything into the red'!] but that's not necessarily a bad thing for this genre. Good foot-stomping stuff.
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paddler said 1200 days ago (July 7th, 2016)
yes - haha I got that off a studio engineer guy once when he mixing something down and when I pointed out the needles were hitting their limit he just shrugged and said 'gotta have a bit of red'.It seems to be the only way I can get a decent volume off a track though - I think its windows's fault because all the tracks Ive ever heard off macs/garageband have a really full sound and I just can't get that on windows - I try compression and limiters and normalisation but ultimately just letting it clip seems to be the only way.I'll keep experimenting though - don't mind a bit of rough - a bit of rough & reddy! Thanks Dave
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Philip18 said 1201 days ago (July 7th, 2016)
Wild Volcano
Earthy sound - has that frantic sort of feel that makes me think of Seasick Steve.The last 30 seconds is an interesting change. Powerful.
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paddler said 1200 days ago (July 7th, 2016)
Facial Muscle Didgeridoo Excersize
I've heard alot about seasick steve but have yet to hear him - i shall research right away.The didgeridoo kinda sound is good for facial muscle excersise - anyone reading this should try it now - you just hum - then form all the vowel shapes plus any other ridiculous faces you can think of - then walk around the house and see how many other people you can get to join you..or ask you to shut up! Cheers Phil
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jiguma said 1200 days ago (July 8th, 2016)
I hear Seasick Steve too
Philip nailed that reference - or coulf be a long lost early Dylan track. At first, the lo-fi recording bothered me, but as it went on I got into it - quite a lot actually! Very good post Rich!
Cheers from Oz,
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paddler said 1198 days ago (July 10th, 2016)
thanks neil
been reading a bob dylan autobiog recently,he's an interesting writer aswell - love his description of the bars he was playing in and the people he was accompanying in his early days.yeah - i know what you mean about the lo-fi,i don't really like putting post distortion on an accoustic track,so much but sometimes its the nearest i can get.the boss br that i keep harping on about does have a guitar jack input on the side and the accoustic i have has a somewhat mangled electro pick up that ive used before,might give it try. btw I was talking to an auzzie secretary the other day,and we was talking about films and how i like the actor noah taylor - she recommended i should watch a fim called 'shine' about a piano player david helfgott.you just reminded me - off to see if i can find it.cheers Neil!- rich
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J.A.Stewart said 1198 days ago (July 9th, 2016)
Man On a String...

"Since they strung him up he tows the line." Heh-heh.

Nice, raw, rockin' groove here, Richard. I really like what you've done with this one. I can *hear* some slide guitar and blues harp turning this into a real monster, but it's pretty damn hot as is. ;)

--- Joe
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paddler said 1198 days ago (July 10th, 2016)
tow/toe the line
glad you mentioned tow the line - i suddenly realised i don't actually know what means,well i knew it vaguely meant follow orders.apprantly its 'toe the line' and no-one reallys knows where it comes from but i'd suspect it came from sailors,most things seem to! thanks Joe - I know what you mean about the slide,think I've ive got another tune on the way that i put some slide on,but I might redo this some time too.cheers man
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Doug Somers said 1150 days ago (August 26th, 2016)
Leave it behind
As a sometime cyclist on busy roads I sympathise. Fortunately you've survived the close encounters to let the experience colour tunes like this one. Almost calls for a slide guitar to solo here and there but it works well as-is. Energetic and a fine performance. Shake off the crap and carry on is a wise message for us all. Remembering your music is a fine way to bear that in mind. Appreciate the dload!
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richard13 said 1117 days ago (September 28th, 2016)
I don't mind the slight fuzziness (maybe time to clean my ears :) but the writing, the playing and the singing all work together to make a wild, whirly ride on a volcano. Great fun, great listen, and great to hear you again. I took a copy, thanks Rich. btw: I was hit 420 ;-)
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