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'66 in '16


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The title suggests parallels between 1966 and 2016. The idea is to concede that time is flexible in the sense that the media produced at one time is meaningful and viable in a different time. So here is a song that speaks to us from 1966.
Fifty years ago this month FZ released the first, or second, double album which can be described as a concept. That's "Freak Out". This tune was featured on the singles side of that project.
I can hear "Satisfaction", which had dominated the charts in the months before this tune was written, in the thing. Maybe you can too? Anyway, the idea is very little has changed in 50 years...
Have fun, do the research and question everything!
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Logic X
H3nry said 1138 days ago (August 6th, 2016)
You've nailed the Zappa zeitgeist. His music is intellectually interesting, something I like to listen to once, but not put on repeat play. I met him about 1966. He bought a stereo system from me. I had no idea who he was until I saw his name on the check, and then it was "THE Frank Zappa?!"
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Daugrin said 1138 days ago (August 6th, 2016)
Hello Henry
Thank you for your support. Appreciate yer story.
There is a joke about this recording being, "number one" during the opening statement, before the intro of the original tune. That joke is right where yer idea, "not put on repeat play," comes from... People went to see FZ live for the same reason.
"Valley Girl" and "Yellow Snow" are the closest FZ ever came to a hit record on the charts. Comedy music is the label most often attached to his output. This record fits in our time exactly. How many other records from the middle 60s do that?
When FZ called out the Great Society, he boldly said in the media what many were thinking but none would dare say publicly. Again, similar to our circumstances today... he was a singularity!

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Philip18 said 1138 days ago (August 7th, 2016)
'66 in '16
Frank Zappa passed me by - is this one of his songs or yours in his style? Musically impressive - plenty of talent on display here.
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Daugrin said 1138 days ago (August 7th, 2016)
Hey Philip
Here's yer chance to catch up! Google "Freak Out". The subject of our parody is called "Hungry Freaks Daddy". The chorus contains those words. Also listen to "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. By comparing the two songs the composition tool called rhythmic displacement will be deftly illustrated. Have fun, btw, you will hear i added keys and improved the guitar solo over the original, several other modifications are present in my parody. There is a subtle joke in the first chorus not in the original. Dauging FZ? You bet!

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jiguma said 1137 days ago (August 7th, 2016)
Great mix for starters!
My Zappa story: we were booked to support him in Sydney in the 70s - big deal for us! - but after doing the sound check and having about 30 minutes before we were to go on, it turned out there was a double booking for the gig. The other band had a single in the charts and we didn't, so we were politely asked to piss off :(
But I digress!
This sounds great! Especially love the keys, but it all sounds great.
Cheers from Oz,
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Daugrin said 1137 days ago (August 7th, 2016)
Lost Gig!
Thanks for taking time to comment.
Sorry you lost yer gig, that always hurts. Lots of those business side of music stories. I must confess, too many gigs is the best problem to have, but it cuts down on yer chances to sit in with people. Which for me was always the best fun. No stress!
See ya next time Mate :)

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KCsGROOVE said 1137 days ago (August 8th, 2016)
I'm a big fan of the old Zappa work
A very cool piece, Daug
In some parts it even makes me think of early Rundgren (not bad in my book either :-) )
yeah, good stuff!
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Daugrin said 1136 days ago (August 8th, 2016)
Hello KC
Now there is Rundgren like stuff from this period, it's called "Woody's Truck Stop". Todd heard "Satisfaction" like everyone else did. Todd's access to Freddy King changed his course though. The Nazz records are jewels.
Glad you enjoyed the ride.

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Warren Smith said 1136 days ago (August 8th, 2016)
My not much of a Zappa story
In '69 Zappa played the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis - which was a fantastically intimate performance space. I was broke and so passed on attending the event with my roommates. When they came back buzzing about the show I instantly knew I had made a big mistake - and to this day regret not having begged, borrowed or stolen the money needed to to go that concert.

The first Zappa I listened to was the 1967 "Absolutely Free" album with all of the vegetable songs .. and I think it really started me thinking about music in a new way where satirical concepts were no longer hinted at but became full-fledged statements : )
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Daugrin said 1136 days ago (August 8th, 2016)
Hello Warren
That "Absolutely Free" record, fed into so many outstanding later recordings. Lennon and Mac ate the thing whole.
You make and interesting point about satire being legitimized by Zappa. If I may, once Roger Waters becomes a mature adult, doesn't he actually turn satire in on itself? Think about satire as intelligence on offense against banality. Our nation could certainly use some today... But it's gone! Guess why?

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abzwork said 1133 days ago (August 12th, 2016)
Only you could bring such concepts to the fore in this way...your creativity always amazes me and brings smiles because you cover every nuance in a concept..that, in its self is quite an art of itseft in perceception Daug, and...blah, blah, blah..oh...excuse my ramblin...flava the world man!..:):):)Abz
And remember..."Don't Eat The Yellow Snow!"
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Daugrin said 1133 days ago (August 12th, 2016)
Hello Erin
Thanks for your kind support over the years. I appreciate the big ears when then come by...
I was just having some fun.
"Yellow Snow", the old comedy music? Naw, it's still funny. What else that was funny from that early 70s time frame is still funny?
What we are talking about are eternal qualities. As long as there are middle class values Zappa will endure. Think about that for a minute.
What this song tells us about the last fifty years should be cause for universal alarm... yet nearly a ripple in the pond at MJ... brain washing?

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Proliferous_Rose said 1130 days ago (August 15th, 2016)
'66 in '16
I never listened to Zappa back in the sixties, or later, but if this is representative of his music then I may have to do some catching up. I appreciate thoughtful music, if the music is good, and this is. The production is excellent, except that I had trouble understanding the lyrics.
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Daugrin said 1129 days ago (August 15th, 2016)
Hello Herb
Welcome to the Daug house. Look around, and have fun.
As the official Zappa chair at MJ, not by my choice, I was drafted by popular demand, allow me to suggest all of the FZ music is valuable. His Warner Brothers recordings were not under Frank's total creative control and suffer from the record company intervention. My Fav is "The Grand Wazoo" and most any live recording. Frank toured much of the time and his bands were the best on the planet, basically because only dedicated technicians could play his pieces.
Sorry about the lyrics you will have to Google, this is a parody, and I grew up on Wolly Bully, messed me up on vocals...lol.

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PeterB7858 said 1126 days ago (August 18th, 2016)
'66 in '16
I was a bit too young to be exposed to, or appreciate, Zappa in the late 60's, early 70's, though I do remember the elder brothers of a few friends of mine being into his music. Then I was playing acoustic guitar and charming the girls and all the 70's singer/songwriters took my pennies :-) Must go back and listen to some of his music. Great musicianship and production skills, as always, Daug. Thanks.
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Daugrin said 1126 days ago (August 19th, 2016)
Hello Peter
Zappa is an acquired taste, the problem being that you can't go back. Any live recording should be interesting. All of his records not on Warner Brothers will satisfy as well.
FZ even made an all acoustic record. You will have to research that one... Thanks for the kudos, I was merely having fun, the comparison of '66 and '16 was serious business.

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grah3am said 1122 days ago (August 23rd, 2016)
Almost TOO well - produced, when compared to the original. It's always good to hear some Zappa, and even better to introduce people to him.
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Daugrin said 1122 days ago (August 23rd, 2016)
Too well produced...
I think that is a compliment, there are significant differences btwn the my version and any other.
Might have been an important post. Never know who might be reached, that other would otherwise
continue with the herd. Dig in my friend!

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Doug Somers said 1119 days ago (August 26th, 2016)
It's cool how the parallels come about in cycles. Maybe it has something to do with the tendencies of human nature being fairly baked into our species. Zappa also saw it, I'm sure.

A great harkening back to earlier styles and all the memory/emotion that goes with it. Well played and a solid concept for a song.
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Daugrin said 1118 days ago (August 26th, 2016)
More accurate to say, "Things work like the Great Society desires." FZs complaints fit right into the current narrative. Cycles? Naw. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate you stopping by to comment. Hope to see you next time!

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Franciscus_Henri said 1102 days ago (September 11th, 2016)
I remember 66..
should I be able to? What a great sound! you've nailed it. I don't have a Zappa story other than my friends used to call me frank and I also listened to Donovan.
Who said the sixties weren't weird.:~)
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Daugrin said 1102 days ago (September 11th, 2016)
Well Frank is as good as any?
Thanks for commenting, appreciate ya stopping in. We have some Donovan in common, "Kosmic Wheels" and "Season" were tunes of his that I played many times in band...

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