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Time Will Tell



 Genre: Alternative Rock

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The first in my mini-series regarding the US elections. Not overtly political (of course - moi, political?), more an expression of astonishment at the possibility, no matter how unlikely, of a Trump presidency.
The second installment will be a PBGB song which we are recording on Monday.
Unusually, I'm playing/singing everything here - except for drums of course - thanks Gavin the Drummer!
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Time Will Tell
©2016 Neil Porter

People watch circuses
People eat cake
Don’t know where we’re heading
But we’ve made some mistakes

Wonder what’s next
Will the world disappear
What’s coming around the corner
Where do we go from here?

Time will tell
Time will tell
Don’t hold your breath
Waiting for the rest

Time will tell
Time will tell
Time will tell
Time will tell


Time will tell
Time will tell
Don’t hold your breath
Waiting for the rest

Don’t like what you’ve got
Want to give it a shake
(Where do we go from here?)
You’ve lost the plot
And the whole world could break
(Where do we go from here?)

Reality check
Time to think what you’re brewing
(Where do we go from here?)
You’re a total train wreck
That’s the way that we’re going
(Where do we go from here?)

Time will tell
Time will tell
Don’t hold your breath
Waiting for the rest

Time will tell
Time will tell
Time will tell
Time will tell
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Philip18 said 1081 days ago (October 7th, 2016)
Time Will Tell
I know I'm a long way from USA politics, but from what I read it seems the choice gets down to which candidate is least disliked. Time Will Tell fits our politics, too, with our current leader a huge disappointment - reality nowhere near expectations. Anyway, over to the song - another crisp, tight piece of music that is well written, well played and well recorded. Good one, Neil.
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Skean said 1081 days ago (October 7th, 2016)
Time Will Tell
Great as always from you, Neil thanks for the download (nice car music) cheers.
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richard13 said 1081 days ago (October 7th, 2016)
Definite astonishment
and there's nothing you or I can do about it (except write songs or pray).
It's probably my ears but your voice doesn't sound as clear as usual in this mix. Still cool.
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jiguma said 1080 days ago (October 7th, 2016)
Thanks for the comment Richard
Yes, a potentially catastrophic situation, but recent polling has made me a little less uneasy.
Not sure what's different in the vocal - all the usual gear and such. Only thing I can think of is that the backing is a fair bit busier than usual - who knows ;)
Cheers from Oz,
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jgurner said 1081 days ago (October 7th, 2016)
But what will time tell?
I'm glad you've been able to get some music out of the fiasco we're calling an election over here in the U.S. You'd think it would be right up my alley, but it's just too depressing. I'd like to think we're smart enough not to put someone like Trump in office, but I said the same thing back in 2000 and look what happened.

The feel of the tune is the exact opposite of what's going on here - light, breezy, bouncy - but most of all enjoyable. I always find it interesting to see impressions from elsewhere about things going on here, especially elections. (Though I hate to ponder too much about what the rest of the world thinks of us sometimes.)

Thanks for providing something about the current election that's actually enjoyable.
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Hickling_Stan said 1080 days ago (October 8th, 2016)
What indeed?!!!
nice tight performance on a subject of morbid fascination and uneasy dread for most of the world....uncertain times indeed. Good post Neil.
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PeterB7858 said 1077 days ago (October 10th, 2016)
Time Will Tell
Upbeat, brash lament, Neil. Liking the guitar work. Many people have lost confidence in the Australian political system. What must it be like in America? Surely most will come to their senses and realise that Trump is not a viable "protest vote" candidate. Mind you, with Hilary Inc. they are between a rock and a hard place... Take care.
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davisamerica2 said 1076 days ago (October 11th, 2016)
Time will tell
Love all the music and harmonies, Neil. Very catchy melody. Yeah, we're experiencing a political earthquake over here, brace yourself for the tsunami!
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Warren Smith said 1075 days ago (October 12th, 2016)
What? Me worry?
Don't panic. Trump's run for the presidency has brought out the crazies, but the good news is there's only 40 million of them and that won't be enough to put him in the oval office.

Nonetheless, it makes good fodder for a song, and this song aptly expresses those concerns. That chorus is particularly catchy. When I walked away .. and it kept playing over and over again in my head.
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MikeRobinson said 1074 days ago (October 13th, 2016)
There are four ...
It bears remembering that there are, in fact, four names on the ballot this year.

Two of them do not have billions of dollars (in corporate money) with which to buy television advertising and print ads.   However, they do use the Internet every day to connect directly with the young voters who, by the way, are now the majority.   (Sorry, “Boomers ...”)

I-f the computer-tabulated votes are actually correctly counted (and unfortunately all paper-trails and therefore auditability has been conveniently excised away), it really is up-in-the-air who might wind up in the Oval Office next term.   Those billions are being spent on forms of media that, by and large, the youngest generations don’t consume.
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jiguma said 1074 days ago (October 13th, 2016)
And the song Mike?
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Vic Holman said 1071 days ago (October 16th, 2016)
man, this song cruises!
i haven't been around for awhile. This song is awesome Neil, so much so, i wish that i had come up with it.
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FEEL said 1070 days ago (October 17th, 2016)
Let's hope it never comes to this
And it's interesting to see how the folks I know from other countries perceive the US political circus. It only takes one to ruin it for everyone else... that said this could be disastrous. Loved the upbeat of the song. You have a knack for making your sound full.
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Ed Hannifin said 1064 days ago (October 23rd, 2016)
Got Flash to update on my computers, so I can listen to MacJams again...

And here I am, starting out with a jiguma song and a jiguma mix...

I'm listening on Beyerdynamic DT 770s, and on these, this mix is big, loud, but at the same time natural and airy sounding. Not crowded, so bits like the organ sound seem clear and have their space.

I really like the rhythm guitar and lead guitar sounds on this. I also like the drum sound, especially the relative loudness and airy sizzliness of the cymbals and tambourine.

I LOVE the lead guitar solo(s)...

I think the thing that hits my ears as a step forward is the vocal treatment. The vocal is clear and natural, with some space around it, and the background vocals blend nicely.

I also think the song itself is catchy, punchy and emphatic...

Sorry I took so long to get here...
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