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Laugh or Cry?


Warren Smith

 Genre: Political

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I think this will be the first time in 10 years that I have posted a song to MacJams that is a work-in-progress. I know others often do that, looking for feedback or suggestions on how to proceed. That is not the case here. Feeling compelled to write something about the slugfest that was the race for the United States of America presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, my co-writer (Roy Buckley) and I focused on the debates for a subject. Here are the first two of three verses that emerged from that engagement.

The problem with writing political songs of the moment is that the moment soon passes. After there are winners and losers, a viewpoint undergoes a subtle shift. But I find I simply haven't been able to muster the necessary energy required to complete the recording of this song. Perhaps that's because the whole lengthy election process has left me enervated. Maybe some day I will get back to it .. or even do the third verse as a reprise .. but for now I'm leaving it incomplete.

Or as Roy put it, "This is all I am likely to come up with within this structure. Although there is a play to be made with making America great again the result of 'my' watching the debate. But that may be just an idiosyncratic concept best left in the hypothalamus."
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LAUGH OR CRY [Buckley Smith]

I watched the debate to make America great
they looked like they were swatting flies
when it was done and nobody had won
i didn't know whether to laugh or cry
when great minds succumb to superstition
argue in favor of pie in the sky
how low can you go when your target is the gutter
should I laugh – or should I cry?
i watched the debate to make America great
they spoke of abortion and nuclear extortion
when they were done I wished I had a gun
I thought  a bullet might ease my moral exhaustion
when the moderator gave them half an inch
she rose to the height but he made me winch
neither has a plan I want to try
how much longer must I listen to them sputter
would you laugh - or cry?
 I watched the debate to make America great
he produced a stream of gall while she manifested a pastel pall (or made manifest)
to resurrect the country they must first ensure it's dead
he'll drown us in a toilet stall she'll feed us to a corporate Baal
red neck small state senators think urbanites are sodomites
algorithmic billionaires think non-tech types are troglodytes
thumping bibles and/or digital assistants they hear only what they've said
to vote is to accept their serpent's tongue stutter
can we laugh - or must we cry?
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Daugrin said 1067 days ago (November 18th, 2016)
Make America Great!
Leave. Lol.
We, the post-truth dissenters, are the problem. Just continue to watch the media? Naw. We're unplugged and turned on, and therefore useless to the Hypnocrats.
We didn't really want either container on the debate stage. Both contain the same material, perhaps yer tune is reflective of that reality...

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Dean-Resonator said 1059 days ago (November 26th, 2016)
And the winner is....
When it comes to politics, you could mine that particular shaft for years.
There is plenty of material there, but it is hard to write anything positive.
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PeterB7858 said 1056 days ago (November 28th, 2016)
Laugh or Cry?
Your unique musical style is a good vehicle for trying to encapsulate what many people feel about the US election and its aftermath, Warren. The whole, drawn-out, strident exercise just made America grate. Democracy seems to have lost its way in many countries (Australia included) due to a high-jacking of the democratic process by cash-rich, vested interest groups. I like your last chorus. Go for it. Agree with Dean that it is hard to be positive about the future... Thanks.
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Born in a Minnesota blizzard, I'm now residing in a coastal heat of Brooklyn, New York City. I recorded my first original composition as a teenager using a reel-to-reel tape recorder back in 1967, and I'm still finding it a creative challenge... [see more]

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