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Village Life

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So this chap from our web design company came in on to give us all training on how to update our new website. I'm sure you have met the type, lots of "yah's" and "Ok's" punctuate his every sentence and his attire probably cost half my entire wardrobe. His web design company is based in a converted barn in rural Suffolk. ( or rural New Hampshire!)
So I go into the training session and he has his laptop connected to the overhead projector and after brief introductions he starts rattling off at 100 miles an hour about "imports, drop downs, functionality, plug in's" and various interminable jargon all the time flicking between screens at breakneck speed.
Well I actually think our new website is a vast improvement on our old one and so I start the presentation very keen, attentive and open to learning but as the first hour starts to drift towards the second hour my brain goes something like this "yes, yep, ok yep got that, ok thats clever, yep.....missed that bit never mind....yep thats good....mmm hope thats in the handout notes, yep.......yep.....mmmm......blah...blah.....blah.......no your just talking words now. My brain is full and nothing else is going in so whilst you continue talking I will try to continue to look attentive whilst my imagination starts to drift off.
It was at this point I started to think about my wife's lovely old "Uncle Peter" and "Uncle Reg" , both of whom are in their early 90's.
Uncle Reg has the most amazing flourishing allotment I have ever seen and Uncle Peter built his own house and over the years has made or repaired just about everything in his workshop. I started to think about how different their knowledge and skills were to our web designer's. Then I remembered two glorious characters from "A Sheperds Life" by W H Hudson. Caleb Bawcombe and Elijah Raven. I just got to thinking what if all five of them had lived in the same village.
I sat there and started to write "notes on the web presentation" and the beginnings of this song began to form. A new departure for me as I left the guitar out entirely and sang free form over a drum track. Turned into a 7 minute epic!
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Caleb, Elijah, Peter, and Reg
Sitting by the campfire, sitting by the smoke
Swapping yarns and sharing a brew
The way that old men do

How to make and what to grow
The life that’s still the same
Peter and Reg decline the baccy
Certain things have changed

An ancient knowledge binds them
The seasons and a code
They laugh, talk and share a joke
But what’s coming down the road?

It’s Matt from IT
Matt from the 21st century
Matt who relies for everything
On electricity

Elijah looks to Caleb
What was that they saw?
The dust settles, peace returns
Peter and Reg pass a rueful smile

“Strange chap”, Peter says
“Don’t know how he feeds his family”
Reg laughs and shakes his head
Scoops up soil and a piece of wood

“With this my friends we make things
In this we grow our food
But ‘ee’s from our time
Knows much about being crude”

Bought your old cottage Caleb
Knocked it all to hell
Fancy paint and fancy rooms
And a fancy brass doorbell

All the tradesmen come to see him
His food comes in a van
He talks like he thinks he knows us
But he’s not our kind of man

He’s Matt from IT
Matt from the 21st century
Matt who relies for everything
On electricity

Elijah looks at the swimming pool
Where his cottage used to be
“Caleb my friend we should be heading back
To nineteen hundred and three”

Peter and Reg are old men
They shake the hands of ghosts
Two fine upstanding country men
They understand the most

As Elijah and Caleb dissolve to mist
Once more they hear the roar
Coming down the lane again
Is the big black 4 x 4

It’s Matt from IT
Matt from the 21st century
Matt who relies for everything
On electricity

©Mark Spruce 2017
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Dean-Resonator said 983 days ago (February 10th, 2017)
Matt from IT
Great story. I am glad you described how you came up with it. I would have been wondering otherwise. It will be a sad day when the generation of "fixers" dies out.
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Skean said 983 days ago (February 10th, 2017)
Village Life
Great work, enjoyed a lot, thanks for sharing, dowloaded, cheers.
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sammydix said 982 days ago (February 10th, 2017)
was so cool and different. Even the artwork and lyrics are great. Very 'artsy,' the way I like it. Got 'character.'
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Daugrin said 982 days ago (February 10th, 2017)
Splendid. No higher praise possible...

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richard13 said 982 days ago (February 11th, 2017)
Big smiles
All too true Mark. A lovely song whose message will miss most of those in most danger. My son relies on electricity in one form or another and cannot conceive of a time when it might disappear.
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Calchas said 982 days ago (February 11th, 2017)
Ha ha...
Wonderful critique of technolatry.

When it all comes crashing down (perhaps in a massive EMP?) electronic gadgetry will be relatively useless. Matt should read Robinson Crusoe!

Cool song guys... :-)

Be well friend!
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DWL said 982 days ago (February 11th, 2017)
A mini opera!
Interesting arrangement, delivery and subject.

Great back story as well.

Change is inevitable but we don't have to like it .....


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hackneybloke said 981 days ago (February 12th, 2017)
village life
very amusing description of where this song came from....and i'm pleased to hear that 'working class' oiks like you mark, still know who to defer to.
i'm going to listen to the song now.
ok...i like the sparse delivery....but you're straying off the beat occasionally. ok here comes Matt - interesting and amusing diversion.
very weird track mark....but good weird. what you bin smoking?
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Vic Holman said 980 days ago (February 12th, 2017)
that's life
strangely cool.
back story is interesting, heck i only have a 15 minute attention span :)
the song sure has a way of keeping the listener tuned in. even though it's simple in structure it works out very well.
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PeterB7858 said 978 days ago (February 14th, 2017)
Village Life
Great backstory. Fine job bringing this to realisation. Like the slow burn storytelling. Matt from IT sounds like someone we all know. Unfortunately we can't go back... Weird and wonderful at the same time. Thanks.
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Warren Smith said 976 days ago (February 16th, 2017)
Something Different
When my short-attention-span mind starts to wander off, I usually start doodling in the margins. Writing songs sounds like a good creative alternative to a brain-numbing presentation.

I would absolutely hate living in a world without electricity. That said, I try to balance my daily creative efforts between digital and hands-on projects. Of course, plugging a guitar into GarageBand can satisfy both of those aspirations : )

This is an adventuresome piece. Congrats for "pushing the envelope" and trying something different. We learn by doing. There may be imperfections, yet undertaking something ambitious like this will make everything you do better. (Or at least I like to think so.) And who knows where else it might lead to?
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Moviz said 976 days ago (February 16th, 2017)
Sounds so
right.... like the original blues....storytelling songs like they used to be and today there's not much better than this....great words.....minimal suits you Mark, regards M
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Doug Somers said 966 days ago (February 27th, 2017)
Village Life
This is a very cool song, full of surprises. First I should say that I really liked it and also the background you gave in your description. Well sung and cleverly conceived. What I find surprising is that the verse is sung in an almost Americana folk style despite the gents being representative of rural England. Then when modern Matt shows up the 6/8 time and harmony sounds like older rural English folk influences. I think it makes it all the more effective. Nice!
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