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Ghoulardi Rocks Doe Peep/Black Swan Shuffle


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Dystopia is a collar 'round your neck.
Cool it with the boom booms.
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Lil' Doe Peep lives in her sleep with TV, painkillers and wine.
(Bhaaa, ooohhhhhh, bhaaa)
She closes her eyes, gets set for a big surprise, gets herself off just so fine.
Take up your lil' crook Doe Peep, dream your little dream my sweet.
We'll leave you alone. (Alone!)
Where your most likely known to be better than all the rest.
"What difference at this point does it make?" ((Hillary Clinton))
Whoof! Whoof, wwwhoof.
Ernie- you can't go home! (What?)
"Hey group!" "Would you believe?" "Ova-day."
"Hey group!" "Ova-day." "Would you believe?"
Rock on Ernie Baby!
Stay sick knif! ((Knif is fink spelled backwards there, it's an "in" joke))
We're gonna stay sick!
We're gonna turn blue!
This song is so bad, put your cursor on a clue!
Dystopias a collar round your neck.
Dystopias a collar round your neck.
Dystopias a collar round your neck.
Dystopias a collar round your neck.
Dystopias a collar round your neck.
Cool it with the boom booms!
If you get confused, just listen to the music play.

(guitar solo)

"Guys, is it just me, or, I don't know what it is, does today's music suck?
I mean, I get into the car and turn on the radio
And, my ears start to bleed, it just has to stop!"

(Guitar solo some more)

"Its like someone literally took a dump in mainstream music
Like its an actual stream and someone pulled their pants down
and took a dump, it's not just one type of music
I mean, its all music."

(Guitar solo some more)
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KCsGROOVE said 798 days ago (August 7th, 2017)
Dunno why but this made me think of Todd Rundgren, not a bad thing in my book :-)
cool slow shuffle..
controlled madness :-)
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Daugrin said 798 days ago (August 7th, 2017)
Hello KC
Thanks, as always, for you support. This is another tune from the edge ah?
I have just a bit of history with TR I can share. (I never refer to him as "Todd Rundgren", I prefer to call him "Ol' Frozen Nose", sorry.) Just a name thing...lol.
He used to perform with his band at my high school. I never saw him with any girls though... His mom used to come to the gigs... Did his music sound the same after the he got off Ritalin?

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PeterB7858 said 798 days ago (August 7th, 2017)
Ghoulardi Rocks Doe Peep/Black Swan Shuffle
As always, your musicality and skill rise like a phoenix above the message politics that you tend to wrap your music in, Daug. The fluid guitar lines are magic. Thanks.
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Daugrin said 797 days ago (August 8th, 2017)
All music has a message-even mine.
Yes, indeed my friend, a message. Salient points? A parsing? I will try for ya...
Peter in your part of the world there exist regional artists, and a regional under text- a culture. This has been ruthlessly supressed in America, we are afforded one culture, one vision, one outcome...

Venues supporting local musicians or culture might include coffee houses, bars, churches and civic organizations. This was once the norm in America- no more. No local talent? No venues? No scene? There is no organic regional style beyond the ghosts of Stax/Volt and Muscle Shoals?, (yes the people on the big Sam and Dave or Aretha Franklin hit records were white boy pickers! Oh my no racism!)

Today, Nashville sounds like southern California, and Branson Missouri is the home of country music. Why? To preserve the market for BIG radio and BIG culture. People with disposable income are prevented from experiencing local talent because of laws written by and for the music business lobby. They are good at that... the "black swan" concept is a much more difficult notion to explain and you will have to research that yourself and put the two ideas together somehow, now to rock Doe Peep with Ghoulardi...

Why impose Ghoulardi onto the figure of the American delusional gal archetype, Doe Peep, (post Hillary break down)? Ah, you will not be able understand all the nuances, but allow me to explain Ghoulardi in the context of this amusement.

Ernie Johnson was Ghoulardi. From 1963 until late 1966 this Ghoulardi character ruled local television in the channel 8 viewing area. There were only 3 TV stations and the territory of the signal was thousands of square miles.

Ghoulardi was the live host of suspense theater on late night TV. He became a monster! He was so powerful that he survived riding his motorcycle into the TV station, up and down the halls, and, into the managers' office!

His show would often open to his empty chair, 'cos he was watching from the bar next door and would not appear until he saw the empty chair on the TV in the bar...

Normal fare on Ernie's show were running hipster riffs on celebrity icons. One of his favorite targets was snobby uber leftist/delusional newsperson Dorothy Fulltime. Ernie called her "Dorothy Baby," and in his monologues, he would casually insult her and call her out for her silly pronouncements on culture and art. Like his contemporary Lenny Bruce, Ernie despised hypocrisy.

Ernie likewise took swings at most authority figures, at the mayor, station management and supremely at the TV audiences' cultural delusions of authority. He would also show art and read poems and stories sent in by viewers, (recall this is all live with no tape delay...)

Ernie's staff in the studio encouraged him to go to the edge and stay there. Anything happenings of the day were fodder for Ernie's wit. He used explosives on air routinely and once nearly burned down the station during the show with what can only be described as a bomb sent in by a viewer and exploded live on air in his studio...

The technical staff used budding post production techniques to place Ghoulardi into the movies he was hosting. The monsters or aliens in the B grade suspense movies where chasing Ernie. He would add bizarre dialogue to the movies as he determined appropriate.

Ernie also produced skits for his shows. The famous ethnic bedroom community Parma was a favorite target, actor Tim Conway was a friend of Johnson's and he would appear in the skits. How did he get away with this behavior?

Ghoulardi was adored by his audience, people tuned into his program to see what crazy thing he was going to do next. Famously Ernie and the production staff and on-air talent at his station, like the weatherman and station manager, would do community service weekly, often at charity sporting events, like softball or basketball games, featuring national celebs.

Funds generated would be given to charity, so Ernie used his celebrity personal appearances to raise money for children who needed an operation or a new playground. Local TV people doing good for local community people, was the model Ernie Johnson followed until...

The community powers that be, Ms. Fulltimes' intimates, the PTA and certain church organizations ran Ernie Johnson out of town. Don't feel bad for Ernie, he got a gig as the national voice of NBC television and made a grand living doing voice over promo... (his was voice of "The Love Boat" among many others) but the monster of local TV 8 was slain!

After all that, so what's the point? Why does this matter and how does it go together? Why celebrate the ultimate local anti-hero at the expense of the current delusions passing for national culture? The eye of the beholder? Or do somethings never change, and this song is a reminder of the continuing culture war in America?

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PeterB7858 said 797 days ago (August 8th, 2017)
That what makes life interesting
Thanks for taking the time to explain some of the nuances of what the song was trying to get across and post the lyrics, Daug. Railing against BIG radio and BIG culture has been a key theme of much of your music for a while now but, in the end the fact that it takes an essay to explain the subtleties and obscure local references kind of validates my point.

I listen to your music for the wonderful musical nuggets that are to be found on the journey but I generally don't find the way your message is presented as particularly accessible or engaging. For my sins, I find lyrics that are underpinned by an accessible melodic hook that draws the listening in and makes them (me) lock into what is being said and leaves them (me) wanting to hear it again, more enjoyable than the spoken prose and sound bites you tend to use. Personal preference. Pure and simple.

In the end we all have our own style and ways of expressing ourselves and the things that we want to say. Absolutely fine by me. That what makes life interesting. Thanks, again. Take care.
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sammydix said 797 days ago (August 8th, 2017)
personal torture for me would be to strap me to chair and blast EDM and synth pop all day (not to be confused with creative electronic music ala, say, Eno). I mean the same three or four chord progressions and lifeless melodies that could be 'performed' by one person live. Nice to hear some 'humanity' here.
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Daugrin said 793 days ago (August 12th, 2017)
Hello Sam
Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your dilemma.
Those three or four progressions certainly are effective beds for the important messages. Big culture sends out its messages via music, just as we do. Obviously I would suggest our messages are different.
Remarkable to is all the fantastic music that has been posted here over the years and never has even one song escaped MJ and entered the BIG consciousness out in the world. That kinda control over the audience is telling? If one is looking that is...

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FEEL said 797 days ago (August 8th, 2017)
the guitar noodling, interesting and entertaining. Keep them coming.
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Daugrin said 793 days ago (August 12th, 2017)
Hello Texas!
Noodling ah? Well, as you like, I just sprayed the thing as it went past... like I always do, on pass and done. Then onto the next thing. More on the way friend.

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Calchas said 796 days ago (August 9th, 2017)
So THIS is what you've been up to!
Brilliant stuff Daug. Simply brilliant...

BTW, I'm on board with you're analysis in your reply to Peter. Well considered. Well said.

In Amerika now they shout "diversity" at the same time they are squashing any and all genuine manifestations of it. (It's one reason I ignore all music "trends" and just do whatever the hell I want!)

Two thumbs up bro!
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Daugrin said 791 days ago (August 14th, 2017)
Hello Mike
Thank you for your kindness... the "black swan" notion applied to the obvious conflict expressed as the Hillary supporter archetype vs Ernie Johnson's Ghoulardi characterization probably caused a brown out in the unprotected snowflakes who ventured into the Dog House to hear this amusement.
The Alinski rules clearly state to accuse the enemy of exactly what it is you yourself are doing... and you know our friends can do nothing but apply the rules for radicals as liberally as possible... oh look, I made a joke there, how funny.
Se ya next time.

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DWL said 796 days ago (August 9th, 2017)
Easy listening
it is not.

Challenging but fascinating and the Ghoulardi story was good to know.

Lovely guitar work.


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Daugrin said 792 days ago (August 13th, 2017)
Hey Dick, easy listening?
Now, what is so difficult? The concepts in the lyric? The desire of the author to drive the self-realization in the listener, that BIG Culture should be perceived as a black swan is conceived, is difficult to hear. Yea probably so.
I did try to soften things a bit with some funny lines. Makes the medicine to down easier...
I am glad you had a take away on Ghoulardi. It is possible to Wiki Ghoulardi. Imagine that...

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davisamerica said 796 days ago (August 9th, 2017)
After bathing
@baxters ...... maybe you can dig the compliment..... maybe not.
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