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Cori Ander

 Genre: Classical

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only garageband used
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Uploaded: Mar 27, 2005 - 01:28:13 PM
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said 5263 days ago (March 27th, 2005)
Very Expressive Sound
The bowed strings especially in the first half, the horns in
the second half. Very relaxing, slightly melancholy
melody. My concentration wandered a bit during the first
section with the harp, but the rest is more engaging.

Tom Atwood said 5263 days ago (March 27th, 2005)
Congratulations Johannes!
This is a fantastic work. You have been missing lately, and
now I know why. What an incredible piece you have put
together during the cold Swedish winter.

The first part is very stirring, especially the moments of
dissonance, what Mungo describes as 'melacholy.'

The second section--the brass--with the syncopated
oboes, is wonderful. This reminds me of Holst. Spacious.
Some extremely interesting things happening in this
section--and the individual instrumental voices sound
very warm and realistic. (Makes me want to get Jampack 4)

Some excellent dynamics here. I like the use of the harp
as a rhythmic device. The recurring theme helps hold
everything together. The ending is gorgeous, Johannes.

And while the sounds you have produced using GB and
JamPack are marvelous, they still do not do this work
justice. It needs to be played. Live.

10-10-10-10 (Not bad for an acoustic guitarist)

What next???
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Cori Ander said 5263 days ago (March 28th, 2005)
Congratulations Johannes!
Thank you for the most delighting comments! I really appreciate that a lot.
And as usual your analysis makes me see (hear) things in the music that I
wasn't conscius of myself, since they were not planned, only made by gut
Thank you!
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Peter Greenstone said 5262 days ago (March 28th, 2005)
I can really only second Mr. Atwood's comments. This is
really wonderful. You did an impressive job with this. Get
thee to a symphony.
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aclarke said 5262 days ago (March 28th, 2005)
This felt like spring. Very beautiful piece of music.
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thetiler said 5260 days ago (March 31st, 2005)
Like that oboe sound quarter of the through.
It seems to get more developed as it goes along.
Like how you kind of give a minor cord dissonant feel in
some subtle parts, which gives a development to the loop

Those french horns are just wonderful.

Thanks for taking on a project like this.
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Rebsie said 5239 days ago (April 21st, 2005)
A sprinkling of Johannes magic ...
Wow, Johannes, what can I say? It's very different
from anything I've heard you do before but it's
masterly in its construction and deeply atmospheric.
The slightly unsettling strings near the end are
perfectly placed. It's amazing what can be done with
GarageBand in the hands of a truly gifted musician.
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composerclark said 4844 days ago (May 21st, 2006)
Ear for colour
This is the first non-guitar composition of yours, and it's MARVELOUS!
You have a good ear for colour, and you do a great job with your
sampled sounds; it all just sounds wonderful. Nice sense of pacing

I think it would be great if you did more orchestra compositions!

A couple of suggestions: Consider exploring different registers (i.e. a
section for just high strings), and consider modulating. Have you ever
heard of (or studied) "sonata form?" It is the best form ever invented
for tonal music (I know that sounds extreme, but I'm (mostly) serious!),
and it would provide you with a kind of "road map" to follow in terms
of form and key changes.

I'm mightily impressed!
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composerclark said 4815 days ago (June 18th, 2006)
Another listen
Just came back for another listen. I remain mightily impressed! It'd be
great to hear more along these lines from you!
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Cori Ander said 4589 days ago (January 31st, 2007)
Thank you
Thank you Clark for the support and all the advices.

Would be realy nice to make more music like this .. (hmm .. I wish we were 14 Currys working .. there is so much I want to do and so little time) ..

Anyway, the day I start consider making more, I want to get back here to read your suggestions again. Thank you!

Johannes Curry
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Name: Johannes Curry
Location: The west coast of Sweden
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Guitar player since 11. Can't play other instruments than acoustic guitars, well maybe aside from instruments that are tuned the same way; like ukulele or bass guitar. In younger years I took inspiration from classical guitar, American acoustic... [see more]

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