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Arden Street - by Al Noble and PBGB



 Genre: Acoustic Rock

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Allan Noble joined PBGB around a year ago, and has contributed 9 very good songs. This one - "Arden Street" - is one of his best. It features Al on vocal and acoustic guitar, Manny Aigner on guitar, Peter Reid on drums and me on bass, keyboards and production. Recorded mostly live with (obviously) overdubs of the guitar solo and the organ parts.

Al describes the song........."The story at work in Arden Street (in Sydney) is one of generational change, international chaos and violence seeping into our quiet homes and cultural icons, and the challenges of growing old in a changing world. Our protagonist sets forth on his day with a surreal but unshakeable feeling that in some profound way his world has changed. The pillars and safeties are no more, even the birds sound alien. He walks through the usual streets and but they feel foreign to him. He catches his usual bus and in a meeting of the comfortably mundane with horrific foreign violence his feeling that this was somehow his last day becomes reality. The riff of the song is to signify the "town bells ringing, the horn of Gabriel, the bells of Armageddon".

There you go.

I'd have uploaded this on the PBGB MJ page, but the password is lost :(
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Arden Street ©2019 Allan Noble

Took a walk down Arden Street
To see the place that I came from
Everything was changing
I felt the world I knew was gone
It was surreal, that's how it seemed
It was a dream within a dream
Feel my time is coming
Different birds are singing
I hear the town bells ringing

Caught a bus on Arden Street
The sea was shining in the sun
Sat with a girl with a backpack on
She closed her eyes as I sat down
It was a light into the sky
It happened right before my eyes
Thundering of blue sky
I wonder who would know why
I thought I heard her sigh

Took a bus on Arden Street
I saw the ferris wheel go 'round
Now it's melting in the heat
I took a bus on Arden Street
Why, tell me why
It's all in pieces in the sky
And everything is beauty
A thousand angels singing
I heard the sirens singing
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Recorded in the PBGB Shed - iMac, Presonus Fire Studio, Fender P. Bass, Rode mics, G & K MB112 bass amp, Fender Strat, Fender Blues Junior (?), Roland e-drums.
Logic Pro X, Ozone 5
Hickling_Stan said 174 days ago (May 1st, 2019)
Oh this is a quality song with excellent playing all round it really does have that dis quietening menace of a world gone wrong and dislocated. Liked the organ solo! Great work, cheers Mark
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Calchas said 174 days ago (May 1st, 2019)
PBGB rules!
Man you guys sound tight. Very nice tune. Very well sung and performed. Lovely soloing.

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DWL said 174 days ago (May 1st, 2019)
A fine song
beautifully played and sung.

Quality work Neil.


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KCsGROOVE said 174 days ago (May 1st, 2019)
Arden street
cool songwriting
and a fine performance by the band
really nice
much enjoyed!
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charlieknight said 173 days ago (May 2nd, 2019)
good song
also a good performance all around. thanks for sharing
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Vic Holman said 173 days ago (May 2nd, 2019)
Arden Street
dang, you guys sound great! very pro throughout.
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egobandit said 173 days ago (May 2nd, 2019)
ya know
I went back to my home town New York and it was a totally different place to me, this song bring out those memories in me you can wish for a different time a past home but you can never go back. Awesome song I hear them bells
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Daugrin said 173 days ago (May 2nd, 2019)
Down Under Nostalgia
Usual great work! This has high production values and hits all the marks for a commercial grade piece, but I have a problem, the lead vocal is chronically out of tune.
He's running out of air and goes sharp. Might be able to fix this with a plug-in without getting T Pain style slurs but on a second listen I think there would be too many artifacts, it would be better to recut the vocal.
This is two songs you have posted in quick succession, well done!


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Narad said 172 days ago (May 3rd, 2019)
Arden Street
Fantastic stuff and mix ! Hats off ! :)
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grah3am said 171 days ago (May 4th, 2019)
Good one.
Excellent playing and production.
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sammydix said 170 days ago (May 5th, 2019)
say the solo section was the highlight for me. More a melodic than speed style--always my personal preference. I feel the melodic route takes more thought and is usually more memorable. The song just ended and I still here it.
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Ed Hannifin said 154 days ago (May 21st, 2019)
Once again...
I'm listening in sub-optimal conditions, on my tiny MacBook Pro speakers with the AC going in the background...

But I think this is useful on this occasion, Neil, as it serves to emphasize that this mix WORKS in sub-optimal conditions. The vocal is front and center, and carries over ambient noise, but is not excessive. The rhythmic elements are present but not overwhelming. The mix is well balanced, and, resorting to my jiguma cliche, it has punch and 'smack'.

Allan's song is solid and I like his singing. The lyrics are well crafted. I also like the guitar playing on this.
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