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Rome Burns



 Genre: Rock

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In the 80s, I considered the Talking Heads the best band possible. Not merely my favorite band, but, like, it wasn't POSSIBLE that there could ever be a band better than Talking Heads. I still like Talking heads, but I'm no longer so… religious about it.

So, Rome Burns started out as a wanna-be Talking Heads song which got filtered through the sensibilities of Lou Reed's New York album (which I was listening to a lot at that time). It morphed in the hands of a band I played with in the early nineties. This band had members who thought we should be The Police and others who wanted us to be Crazy Horse, and others who thought we were a punk group.

For years, all I had of this song was a cassette recording of a rehearsal. I've tried and tried to do a decent recording of this song, but I think it took me until now to stop trying to sound like the old band and do my own One Finite Monkey thing with it.

Does this happen with you? I approach a song with multiple versions of it in my head. This is now's version of Rome Burns. But I also have an acoustic version in my head that sounds like a Roy Harper or Rodrigues song. There's a version that sounds more like my Inside Joke album, where the segaba picks up the bass line. And there's an electronic dance pop version of it.

This version captures that original wanna-be Talking Heads filtered through Lou Reed sound. I'm particularly proud of the guitar solo, which manages to avoid most of the notes which belong to the key in which I am playing.

This song is part of an EP called "Tourists and the Vagabonds," which you can listen to in its entirety at this link: https://onefinitemonkey.bandcamp.com/album/tourists-and-the-vagabonds
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I was watching wrestling on TV
It's entertaining and it's free.
When for a second I thought I saw a chariot race.
Then I blinked and it was gone.
Then I was watching the president speak.
He's been on every night this week.
When for a second, I thought I heard him speak in Latin
As if to me alone.

Rome burns.
I was playing my guitar while Rome burns.
I was playing my guitar, I was playing my guitar
While Rome burns.

I met this guy named Virgil in a New Age bookstore;
He was working on a bio of Washington in the style of Homer.
He said there are no heroes anymore.
And it made sense.
So I walked down the block
And the whole world looked like a sixties protest song.
Someone quoted Sophocles, but people passed him by
To browse the video store for a porno flick
To buy or rent. (chorus)

And they say they've found a Virgin Mary made of mostly toast.
I've been face to face with Jesus, man, but you won't hear me boast.
I had questions just to ask; I don't remember what he said
When the way where we were walking went up like Armageddon. (chorus)

Where I live the gym is like the public bath.
People will say whatever you believe is cool,
But we reserve the right to crucify the dissidents on our Internet spikes.
That will hurt like hell.
Nero smoked his Havanas outside Java Joes.
He's been talking about burning down the town.
Says, it doesn't matter who you find to blame, kid.
We'll rebuild in your image, just as well. (Chorus)
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Zoom H6, Bohemian electric guitar, a borrowed bass, saw dueng, sueng, singing bowl.
Logic Pro
charlieknight said 170 days ago (May 5th, 2019)
this is great
I loved the early talking heads too. maybe I'm a bit older so that was late '70s..anyway really enjoyed this and your guitar solo rocks.
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DWL said 166 days ago (May 9th, 2019)
Talking Heads
yeah, this could easily be from that period.

Really well put together, intelligent lyrics, fine playing and vocals.

Guitar has that unexpected feel that David Byrne was very good at.


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AllenDean said 157 days ago (May 18th, 2019)
all I can say is....
fuck yeah......
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