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 Genre: Rock

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LOVE... ain't it grand?

This is a song about the highest love of all.

DISCLAIMER: The piano solo was lifted from the samples provided in LogicProX. I only deleted 10 notes and re-positioned 6 others in order to make it work for this tune. Otherwise, it's pretty much as I found it. (One does what one can...)

I don't normally use samples, but I could never have played this kind of complex piano fingering on my own. As for the piano parts in the rest of the song, for good or ill they're all me.

Just saying...
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Back in the day, when I was young.
I lived my life like I was the only one;
that ever mattered. 'Twas all about me.
I thought that's the way life is supposed to be.

Seemed I was always, missing the mark;
like some old drunkard stumbling out in the dark.

I put up a false front, because of my pride;
but I was hollowed out and empty inside.

I searched for love! I wanted to be free!
No matter how hard I tried it just eluded me.
I was a desperate man; this anyone could see.
Locked in a self-made prison, without a clue, without a key.

So there I was, at the end of my tether.
All I could see ahead was more stormy weather.
Then somehow your light, it pierced through the clouds.
I heard you speak... you called my name out loud!

You seemed like someone, I surely could trust.
I felt it deeply, and I knew that I must.

Right there I surrendered. You took my hand.
The fog then lifted, I could finally see land.

I wanted love...a love that would last;
and sweet release from the chains of my past.
You were the answer. You were the key;
unlocked my prison door, and set me free.


Well ever since that bright shiny day;
I've lived for love, and to give myself away.
Nestled securely, in your loving arms.
I fear no loss. I fear no harm.

As for the future, whatever it brings.
Through it all it is to you that I'll cling.

I'll hold you tightly, and never let go.
Apart from your love, my life's an empty show.

You've given me more than I can ever repay;
but I'll keep on trying anyway!
From this moment until my life is through,
I will always cling to you!

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DonStevens said 28 days ago (September 17th, 2019)
The piano riffs really work well on this.
Considering this is MacJams, which I have always presumed meant that we could use computerization to help us construct our music, I personally don't feel you need to apologize for using capabilities built into LogicPro. Not everyone has a high level of multi-instrument talents -- I know I don't -- so, yes, one does what we can. And in this case -- you dun good, Mike.
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Calchas said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
Not so much
an apology my friend. I just don't want to take credit for someone else's work. A nit of mine I guess...

Hey! Thanks for listening and commenting Don...

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Narad said 28 days ago (September 17th, 2019)
Yous song stretched me out completely ! Excellent work ! Thanks for the
DL ! :)
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Calchas said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
"stretched me out completely"---Does that mean you're a couple inches taller now? Ha ha...

Thanks for listening my friend!
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Daugrin said 28 days ago (September 17th, 2019)
Equal Tempered
Well there ya go, a piano! The guitar part is interesting and was supported by bass and drums.. You used new found midi skills and added life to a tune. Why apologize for that?
Keep on experimenting my friend. Your on the cusp of a whole new world of sounds.


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Calchas said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
I apologize
for apologizing! Ha ha...

The experimentation will continue of course.

Thanks for the thumbs up!
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jibes said 28 days ago (September 17th, 2019)
Back in the day
Great song man!
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Calchas said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
Thank you Neal!
Glad you liked it!
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Skean said 28 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
I think you should use more samples as it open a new door to make your great music. And I can't hear a sample in this one.
Great stuff as always, peace.
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Calchas said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
Hi Kenta!
Always good to see your smiling face!

I appreciate the kind words of support!
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Henke said 27 days ago (September 18th, 2019)
Great production
Samples or not. Vocals loud and clear :-)

Thanks and take care,
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