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The French Lesson



 Genre: Informational

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Same template and band I have been using. Girl wants to learn french this week. It all started when she saw one of those catalogues. You know the one with the continental fashions? What is that about anyway? I never saw anyone dress like that and I lived there for years...
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Uploaded: Oct 03, 2019 - 12:19:56 AM
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Same as usual
Logic X
Skean said 13 days ago (October 3rd, 2019)
The French Lesson
Always some great stuff going on in your music, cheers.
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Daugrin said 10 days ago (October 5th, 2019)
Hello Kenta
Thanks for your support. Appreciate you following along with me.

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KCsGROOVE said 12 days ago (October 3rd, 2019)
Cool change around 1.02, the flute is really nice
quite jazzy...
I had french lessons in school for 6 years..
A fine piece, Daug!
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Daugrin said 10 days ago (October 5th, 2019)
Hello KC
Those French people, always up to something. Six years? So I assume you get the jokes here. Lol. See you next time old friend.

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Narad said 11 days ago (October 5th, 2019)
The French Lesson
Je l'ai bien comprise ! Excellent track ! Merci Monsieur et Mademoiselle ! :)
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Daugrin said 10 days ago (October 5th, 2019)
Hello Harald
Of course the lesson gets in your wheelhouse! You speak french everyday and Monsieur and Mademoiselle are old friends. I am not going to try and explain this one to a soul. It is what it is...
Unique sense of humor? The Wokeadelic ethos is ignorant of any language or culture except that dronned in the US media.

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DWL said 9 days ago (October 7th, 2019)
I'm getting
70s cop show, Zappa (again), Morricone

As always, never a dull moment


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Daugrin said 8 days ago (October 7th, 2019)
Hello Dick
Naw, it's Daug, really. I am glad you were entertained. Morricone? For the little spikes on the melody during the speaking part, it recalls a certain linguini western... 70s cop show for the d-6 colors during that critical first minute and fifteen seconds, and, last, "The Zappa", that's easy, it's a Daug joint featuring distorted stunt guitar.

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Moviz said 7 days ago (October 8th, 2019)
If only
If only I could speak French, but as long as Im entertained so wonderfully by your work, I won't fret. Loved the racy music and the mix with le vocals, cheers M
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Daugrin said 7 days ago (October 8th, 2019)
Mo welcome back!
Old friend "Monsieur and Mademoiselle" are a type of game played in French culture. Here the woman asks how old the man believes her to be. He suggests her various parts appear to be different ages. The face 25. The legs 22. The waist 30, etc. Mademoiselle says she is flattered because the gent believes her to be much younger than her actual age. The gentleman then remarks, something like, "Please, I am yet adding up the numbers." Funny to our generation whether one is a man or women? To the Woke, outrage! I am making sport of our mentally challenged friends once again. So now you don't have to learn French. Although I thought you international playboys all spoke French :) Good luck with your computer! I am waiting for more of your tunes!

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jiguma said 7 days ago (October 8th, 2019)
Trés cool!
While I enjoy all your instrumentation Daug, I am always fascinated by your drum tracks. This is a most enjoyable 2:35 ride.
Cheers from Oz,
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Daugrin said 7 days ago (October 8th, 2019)
Drum low down
Here you go again, asking cool questions Why do Daug drum tracks sound like that? The information the listener needs to understand the piece is always in the drum track.
Real drummers delineate the form they are playing with technique. Recently past Ginger Baker was a master of telling the listener all the information with grand style. Clapton lost the "one" on Cream live tracks many times. Ginger could save his ass live with information on where he was inside of what was happening. This very thing happens on the famous track "Crossroads" live by Cream, if one has ears. Baker was a drummer!
So the drummer sets the tempo, and notes when the intro is over. He tells us when "one" comes up each time. He denotes the groove by where the three is placed. He uses the toms, or something on the snare to connect the various sections. Drummers give information with cymbals and hats, often punctuate musical jokes or cover obvious failures of his mates with a quick save on his kit. Unless they suck. I always seemed to work with the suck drummers. In the Allman Brothers Band, the most graceful case I know, there are two most excellent drummers often playing in different times, blowing your mind.
Digital music saves us from the tyranny of the sucky drummers. My machine always plays exactly what I want, doesn't smoke or drink and leaves the girls alone... I feel better!

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